Here's Why Travis Scott Kept Raging Through An Injury

This week on Hype Corral, the hosts discuss the rapper's recent performance and more

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You know ‘em. You love ‘em. It’s Ryan Haney and Michael Saintil, and the boys are back with another episode of Hype Corral, the show where we do a deep dive on the biggest thing that popped up in your feed this week.

This week’s episode marks an extra special milestone for all the Hype Hogs out there, as it’s the hype hosts’ tenth installment of their now-cult-classic show. It’s hard to believe we’re already on episode 10, but you know what they say, “time flies when you’re on the Hype Corral.” This week, our mustachioed MCs took on one topic: Travis Scott. 

Following Travis Scott’s highly publicized fall-turned-recovery at Rolling Loud (where the artist overcame the pain of a dislocated knee to put on an unbelievable performance), Haney shares some of his tips for the rapper to bring the same level of hype to his performances without sacrificing his safety. The dynamic duo follows up with a discussion of the much-anticipated Travis Scott x Air Jordan VI, a sneaker release that left many sneakerheads (including Saintil) with nothing more than a huge L and listen, if you’re looking for Js, the last thing you need is an L.

Our beloved duo finished this week’s episode with some best practices for listening to Scott’s new song, “HIGHEST IN THE ROOM.” You better get out the good sheets and snuggle up, because it’s fall and the hype hosts have just the formula for your low-key listening experience.

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Michael Saintil and Ryan Haney, hosts of Hype Corral / Sarah Jacobs/ONE37pm

If you want even more Hype Corral injected straight into your eyeballs, take a look at last week’s episode, where Haney and Saintil discussed Spider-Man, Kanye’s new album experience, and much more. 

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