Introducing Ella Vos and Her Newest Single, "Mindreader"

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Ella Vos has been accumulating successes over the years, and she's been continuing that trend as of late. Her brand new single, "Mindreader" is the latest in a string of pleasant releases. It's exactly what Ella Vos fans have come to love about the artist's music.

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A couple weeks ago, we had the chance to talk to Ella Vos about her career to date, and the exciting future she has ahead. We learned a lot of interesting details about Ella, like the fact that she became a singer-songwriter during her pregnancy with her first child.

To the music fans who are yet to know Ella, here's a basic introduction: Ella Vos is a classically trained pianist who decided to tour with a band instead of pursuing her masters degree. From her early days in a band, she decided she wanted to shift her focus to her own music, which has proven to be an incredibly wise choice. The singer has been featured in Billboard and Rolling Stone, amongst many other notable outlets for her vocal prowess.

In our interview, it was so interesting to learn about Ella's approach to nurturing her fanbase. She genuinely sees her fans as friends, made apparent by her coffee shop visits with people she met in her DMs, as well as trips to go rock climbing with her most devoted listeners. Did we mention that Lana Del Rey was at one of her latest shows in LA?

As of last week, she dropped a brand new single called "Mindreader," which has proven to be yet another fan favorite. Check it out for yourself!

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