Get to Know Hunxho with His Debut Album, '22'

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Atlanta has long been a hub for hip-hop. The southern hip-hop mecca has produced some of the most iconic rappers and producers of all time. Emerging out of the Eastside of Atlanta, Hunxho is carving out his own lane. After delivering anthems like “Let’s Get It” and several noteworthy mixtapes including 2022’s Street Poetry, Hunxho is taking things to another level with his debut album, 22.

“They know who Hunxho is as an artist, but they don’t really know my story… 22 is going to tell them my story,” he says about the newly released project, featuring Lil Poppa, Yung Mal, Landstrip Chip and Tee Grizzley. With 22, Hunxho aims to set himself apart from the competition, while also offering listeners a glimpse into his world. It’s been quite a journey for Hunxho, and 22 symbolizes that.

Earlier this month, we connected with the rising Atlanta rapper Hunxho, and learned a lot about the prominent talent and the curation behind his brand new album, 22.

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On the heels of his legendary collaboration with 21 Savage, Hunxho has only continued to stoke his hot-streak. That was back in 2022 for the remix of his hit song, "Let's Get It," off of his album, Street Poetry. Now, the rapper has plans to further progress his sound and his career with his latest drop, 22, which was appropriately released today on March 22, 2023.

They know Hunxho as an artist, but they don't really know my story. '22' is gonna tell them my story.

- Hunxho

Hunxho shared his background story, as well as the context surrounding the imminent album, 22. His excitement surrounding the album was contagious, and it was clear that the intention behind it was rooted in his past and the vision he has for his bright future.

It's called '22' because 22 is my block. 22 is where I'm from, first of all, but also 22 is the age where a lot had happened for me in life, and a lot had changed in my life. I signed my deal, had my son, I ended up beating my RICO case.

- Hunxho

After talking with Hunxho, it was obvious this project was something to be excited for, and we've been anxiously anticipating it all month. Lo and behold, it's finally here, and we've got this album on repeat today. We advise you to do the same, and you can thank us later!

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