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For those familiar with the current hip-hop scene, Benny The Butcher shouldn't be new to you, and the same goes for his label, Black Soprano Family. We decided to take a deeper dive into the label to see where they're at right now, and what's on the horizon for this notable group of talent. Last week, they invited us to attend their show in NYC with Hot97, and they didn't disappoint, to say the least.

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We spoke with Jake Amankwaah, the president of BSF, about the label partnered with MNRK Music Group. They've got plenty in store for this year, and this is what he had to say about it all:

Our plans match our team's hunger and ambition. We have a movie and a soundtrack we're shooting, big tapes dropping from everyone on the label starting in April, spanning the year. We also have another compilation hosted by the king of quality street music, DJ Drama. Expect us to continue honing in on our formula: more music, movies, and merch.

- Jake Amankwaah, President of BSF

Benny The Butcher

Benny the Butcher is one of the most dynamic artists affiliated with Griselda Records, and that's really saying something if you're familiar with the level of talent within. He's got an enormous catalog of music, and never skimps on quality. With the pull he's developed as an artist signed to RocNation, Agency 78, and Def Jam, Benny decided to shine a light on the next generation of talent with his label, Black Soprano Family, and he's only continuing to uplift this young group of impressive artists. His collab with J Cole, "Johnny P's Caddy," is about to break the 50 million stream mark on Spotify at the moment.


ElCamino has been a longtime affiliate of Griselda Records, so it was only right that he made it official with his signing to BSF in 2022. A fellow Buffalo native, ElCamino emulates all of the best qualities of what you'd expect from a Griselda affiliate: lyrics, rhythm, and a unique style.


Heem is yet another impressive talent on the Black Soprano Family roster. Another Buffalo native, Heem proved to be a perfect addition to the BSF label, and continues to show exactly why. Some of his top songs include "The Realest," "St. Maurice," and "Bastard Child," but there are plenty of more songs from him worth streaming. Expect a tape from him within the next three months.

Rick Hyde

Next up on our list of Black Soprano Family members is Rick Hyde. This Buffalo rapper is a top contender amongst the label, with a distinct style that he demonstrates on his wide variety of released music. Some of his top songs include "297 Parkside," "Pandemic Flow," and "Shay Face."


The ONE37pm team has a special connection with IMYOUNGWORLD, on the heels of his visit to our office earlier this month. He wowed us with his authenticity and passion for music, autism awareness, and environmentalism, an unusual combo for a rapper nowadays. Young World not only records music, but can produce and engineer as well. He's also from Buffalo, which is yet another factor that makes him a perfect fit for this fast-growing label. Right after his visit to our office, he killed his On The Radar freestyle, which should be coming out soon.

Loveboat Luciano

Loveboat Luciano is yet another impressive rap talent within this group of up-and-comers curated by Benny the Butcher. While it's still relatively early for this young artist, he's got an impressive catalog of music, as well as an unmatched drive to drop quality and nothing less. One of our personal favorites from Loveboat Luciano is his collaboration with Benny the Butcher and Seddy Hendrinx, "Made The List." Loveboat Luciano is another artist who you should expect a tape from within the next few months.

Fuego Base

Last but not least on our list of Black Soprano Family members is Fuego Base. He's another artist who's at a relatively early stage of their career, but that's no knock to his top-tier catalog of music. Most of his top performing songs on Spotify come from his 2023 album, Say Dat 3 "Fast Money Slow Opps". Be on the lookout for a new project from him in the coming months.

That's everything you need to know about Black Soprano Family Records at the moment. Make sure you stay tuned, as they're about to have a major year in 2023. Trust us.

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