Who Is wolfacejoeyy? Meet the Notable Rap Up-and-Comer

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Hailing from Staten Island, New York is wolfacejoeyy, a rapper with a notable and recognizable arsenal of talent. Starting off right before the pandemic, he got a head start on a huge wave of emerging talent, and hasn't looked back since.

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Wolfacejoeyy's first official release was in February of 2020, and is titled "omg" and was produced by y2tnb. You could easily confuse this debut single with a song from an artist's prime, yet still, wolfacejoeyy has managed to evolve, over and over again with each new drop. Since this early start in 2020, he's gone on to drop nearly 30 times, between singles and EPs.

Additionally, wolfacejoeyy has made music with his fellow up-and-comers, keeping true to his sound while broadening his horizons. A couple of these artists include Xhulooo and Lil Playah, who've both come a long way in their own regard.

His sound is a fusion of other popular elements, though it is strikingly original and in-your-face. It sounds familiar yet different, subtly urging listeners to decode his music on repeat. He's got a knack for making quality music, and his latest drops are a testament to that. While there are more "up-and-comers" than ever, this artist in particular stands out amongst a higher tier of artists who we cover on this platform. True up-and-comers are headed in a special direction, and that surely seems to be the case here with wolfacejoeyy.

With over 30,000 monthly listeners, he's made appearances on playlists from WhereIs22 (aka Tariq from 50 Cent's Power on SHOWTIME, he's a producer well-worth knowing who produced joeyy's "SHAKE IT") as well as Our Generation Music, a revered outlet in the music community. If you pay close attention, you'll see the wide array of seeds that wolfacejoeyy has planted in the music community. These seeds are sprouting, and in turn, his own community is growing by the day.

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