Who is KayCyy, The Artist Working With Hip-Hop Legends?

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KayCyy, real name Mark Mbogo, is a rapper, singer, and artist born in Kenya, raised in Saint Paul, Minnesota. Born on September 23, 1997, the twenty-four-year-old, while young, has a terrific track record for an emerging artist. If you're thinking, "why does KayCyy sound familiar," that's thanks to the notable artists he's worked with and the leaks that have come with it. 

In 2019, he was given his first writing credits during the recording sessions for Lil Wayne's 2020 album Funeral, having writing credits on several songs. Additionally, he has been working with Kanye West since 2019. Meeting through Kanye West's manager Abou, they connected, where he is now signed to his record label YZY SND. His first collaboration with Ye was on his 2020 single "Wash Us in the Blood" with Travis Scott. 
Since then, he has been featured on leaks of different versions of Ye's song "Hurricane" off DONDA, and even a track with A$AP Rocky. While not released, this has helped to contribute to KayCyy's following to build and develop over the past two years. If you're not familiar with the artist, be sure to tune in below!

His latest single, "Flew By You," is also his most popular to date. Released in August, the song has nearly three hundred thousand teams on Spotify. Additionally, the music video has over two hundred thousand views. The song's airy pads and resonating bassline set the tone with its speedy hi-hat pattern. KayCyy's vocal range spans a wide variety in this song, delivering a higher-pitch chorus with mid-tone verses. This displays his talent on full display, rightfully making this song one of his most popular to date. 

With the release of this song, new fans and old fans are flocking to the emerging artist. One listener, Madi Cariter, said, "​​KayCyy gives me old Travis Scott vibes, but he's putting more of his spin on it. Mad talent and super overlooked. New Wave." Another listener, Kiril Nikolovski, said, "How is the production level this high for such an underrated artist!?!?! I just can't understand how KayCyy isn't on the top of the game…." These comments can be found all across his music. It shows that the listeners who are tapped in know that he is a star in the making. 

Released in June 2021 is KayCyy's track "No Luck," a song that utilizes the full spectrum of a choir sample and his dynamic skills to capture the listener's attention. These are just some of the few attributes that helped KayCyy acquire over two hundred fifty-thousand streams on Spotify. Additionally, his appealing music video shows him driving Lamborghini, gambling, and celebrating with friends, and has nearly four hundred thousand views on YouTube. 

While KayCyy sees a lot of signs of for-sure-stardom in 2021 and for the future in 2022, he began to stand apart from the pack in 2020. In 2020, he released his album thirteen-track album Patient Enough. He obtains features from Lil Baby, Lil Keed, and YungManny, all helping him get exposed to a new base of listeners. Be sure to tune in below. 

The album's third track, "Odd Man," with Lil Baby, is a standout song, not just for the feature but for KayCyy's delivery and articulation on this piece. In an interview with KayCyy from Kids Take Over, he explained that the baby feature was recorded a year before, before blowing up after appearing on Drip Or Drown 2. He also mentions meeting him after the feature was recorded in Wyoming during Kanye West's studio sessions for DONDA. Lil Baby joked that he didn't remember making it because he recorded so many verses during that time. 

He continues to tell the story of the first time meeting Kanye and even showing him a song for the first time, which was his previously mentioned song, "No Luck." Noting that, Kanye initially said that he liked his melodies. He continues to talk about working with Kanye, Lil Wayne and Travis Scott, and more. Be sure to watch the interview below for a deep dive into the emerging artist.

To conclude, if you're not familiar with the buzzing artist that is KayCyy, you need to tune in. Not only has he worked with some of the most prominent acts in hip-hop like Kanye West, Lil Wayne, and Travis Scott, but he also has some incomparable skills when it comes to his writing, range, adlibs, and delivery. Additionally, he has mesmerizing collaborations with artists like Lil Baby and Lil Keed that you'll have on repeat. So, be sure to check out KayCyy before he takes over in 2022. 

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