Who is Memphis' Lil Double 0?

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Lil Double 0, an artist hailing from Memphis, Tennessee, is receiving a lot of buzz on social media and streaming platforms for his raw delivery and story-telling style. Coming off his last album, Walk Down Gang, he assembled his discography to solidify him as a force to be reckoned with in hip-hop. 

His album Walk Down Gang was released in May 2021 and has received millions of streams. The nineteen-track project contains features from Future, Doe Boy, and fellow Memphis artist Pooh Shiesty. If you haven't heard the album yet, tune in!

The album immediately opens with "U Sellin Dope" with Future, his most popular song to date, which also dropped as a single before the album. Future opens up the song, delivering his melodic enunciations in his signature monotone flow. Furthermore, he provides forthright and proficient lyrics, rapping, "Bust down, Flintstone ice, big rocks. Losing count, count the money up, and never stop. Bricks stamped, everywhere I go, I got the mop." 

Following Future's choruses, Double hops on to carry the verses of the song. He goes into the song rapping about his life and staying in his lane by being himself. He does this with a fresh and desensitized tone that captures the ears of the audience. Be sure to tune in to this track below. 

Another song that stands out on this project is "G6, Pt. 2." The song has received a lot of attention for its classic trap beat commonly used amongst Southern artists, with its piano-based melody and wide-range percussion. The song has had over one hundred thousand streams since its release. Tune in to the music video below, which was released back in September. 

He also hops on a snare-heavy and 808-thumping beat with "Area 51 (Remix)" with Pooh Shiesty. The song has over two hundred thousand streams for Pooh and his ability to flow off each other's lyrics and vocal style. This song is a must listen to show the versatility of Double. 

Additionally, other songs across the project have seen success, including "BEEN SOLID," "FTO," and "WALK WALK." These tracks, and many more, have received hundreds of thousands of streams and continue to build buzz for the artist.

To continue developing the momentum, he is continuing to release music. He recently released his latest single, "Talkin 2 Myself," last week. The track, produced by Da Real Kobi, features an eerie ambiance complemented by Atlanta and Houston hip-hop elements. On top of this production, Double provides an effortless flow with isolated and powerful lyrics. 

With the success that he's seen so far, there is no doubt that he will be a name to remember coming out of Memphis with persistence. It is all the more impressive that he built this momentum while being an independent artist as well. If you haven't tuned in, do so to understand why artists such as Future, Doe Boy, and Pooh Shiesty have collaborated with the buzzing artist. 

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