Introducing SXMPRA, One of the Top Emerging Phonk Artists

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SXMPRA is one of the best emerging phonk acts, and is showing no signs of slowing down. We were lucky enough to have the chance to interview the 10k Projects signee, fresh off of the release of his latest EP, THE EVIL IN WHICH WE THRIVE, which dropped on February 3rd this year.

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ONE37pm: How did you start your career in music?

SXMPRA: I started out making music on my laptop, recording through an Xbox headset and uploading tracks to Soundcloud. I was in university at the time so it was a distraction from my essays and various other challenges life was bringing me at the time.

ONE37pm: How'd you end up creating Phonk music?

SXMPRA: I started making Phonk after discovering Freddie Dredd and subsequently diving in to the deeper underground scene. I fell in love with the grittiness and the darkness of the genre and how aggressive I could make it sound.

ONE37pm: Who are some of your favorite collaborators in the Phonk scene and in general?

SXMPRA: Teddy Slugz is definitely one of my favourite people to work with whether that be within Phonk or outside of it - as we inspire and bounce ideas off eachother a lot and the result is always something we’re both stoked on. Sinizter is also a great person to collaborate with as he brings insane energy with a matching work ethic. Also Dozy Doe and all of the people I have collaborated with have been awesome people and a pleasure to share songs with!

ONE37pm: What's your latest release - and what do you have coming up next?

SXMPRA: My latest release was a 5 track project produced by Dozy Doe. It is a compilation of tracks that we worked on over time showcasing different sub genres of underground rap. My next release is a track I made for the new Fast & Furious movie that’s coming out!

ONE37pm: What do you think is the biggest difference between the SoundCloud era of Phonk and the current era of Phonk?

SXMPRA: The difference is night and day. For the most part, I wouldn’t even really call the this “new era” phonk as it is pretty much EDM at this point. I think more light should be shone on the creators of the original era of phonk and the current era should be more prominently categorised as a sub genre. I have made tracks that sit under both eras so I’m a part of both communities but what people call phonk now is completely a completely different genre.

ONE37pm: Do you have a dream collaboration?

SXMPRA: I’d love to work with Freddie Dredd and $uicideboy$, I think it would come out crazy.

ONE37pm: Where do you think Phonk would be right now without TikTok?

SXMPRA: I think it would be where most of it still sits, in the depths of Soundcloud and in underground communities. Tiktok has done a lot for artists like myself and hopefully it continues to shine light on other emerging artists and producers that have been working at this for a long time.

ONE37pm: What are you looking forward to the most in 2023?

SXMPRA: Creating good music and seeing where it takes me. I have some exciting collaborations and I’m really excited to shoot some visuals for all of them!

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