YTB Trench Releases Debut Album “Versatalien”

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YTB Trench, an aspiring artist based out of Cincinnati, Ohio, is crashing down quickly within the hip-hop scene. Receiving a co-sign from Young Thug on his flagship label YSL Records, YTB Trench has appeared on Thug’s Slime Language 2 with Gunna and Lil Baby on their song “Paid the Fine.” While Trench is only twenty years old, his young age does not deter this rising star. 

In May, Mike Boyd of the Monday to Monday Podcast sat down with Trench to talk about representing Ohio, receiving a co-sign from Young Thug, how special it is to be a part of YSL Records. If you haven’t listened to it, be sure to check it out below. 

More recently, on July 30th, Trench released his debut album Versatalien, a thirteen-track album that contains features from Young Thug and Gunna. The Young Stoner Life signee’s theme surrounding the project resides within the name itself, where YTB Trench is trying to display his versatility on full blast. 

Throughout the album, you can hear the functional and lyricism skills that Trench possesses. On Trench’s stand-out song “Toxicity,” Trench has a distinct and unique singing flow. Yet, on the track “How,” featuring Gunna, you can hear a bounce-inspired flow. 

In “Toxicity,” Trench is trying to convey that he is unaware of who to trust because he attracts enemies and those who change their energy towards Trench. Littered throughout the whole song, there are vocal intonations to hammer down Trench's emotions. Trench’s tone quickly changes and emphasizes that he sees their true intentions. It’s this emphasis on distrust where Trench calls himself a psycho in his own eyes. 

Trench also displays this within the song's music video, which was directed by Cole Bennett and released on Lyrical Lemonade on August 5th, receiving nearly 500,000 views. The video shows someone trying to jump YTB Trench, but things take a turn when he strikes back. This ultimately backfires on Trench as he ends up in prison - where he finds himself surrounded by those same people. Ultimately, Trench realizes it's all just a dream and realizes he even can’t trust the person he woke next to. 

Be sure to check it out if you haven’t yet.

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