adidas Originals and Prada Team Up On User-Generated NFT Project

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Adidas x Prada Re-Nylon Collection

In their latest collaboration, Prada and adidas have teamed up on a multi-pronged project, invoking both brands' commitments to sustainability and a burgeoning interest in the metaverse and web3 technology. Earlier this month, Prada and adidas launched the first part of their third collaboration, the adidas for Prada Re-Nylon collection. The collection of 21 garments also marked a shift for Prada entirely from virgin nylon to Re-Nylon, a groundbreaking textile created of recycled plastic waste.

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Prada x Adidas

The collection went live last week, and you can browse it here. The pieces are available at select retailers and via both the adidas and Prada websites. Today, the two brands build on their previous collaboration with the announcement of a web3 project, which will feature artwork from the community in an ongoing metaverse collaboration from the two brands.

adidas for Prada re-source NFT Project

Building on the ethos of the Re-Nylon collection, the re-source project is intended to encourage the entire Prada / adidas community to create artwork based around the collection, all of which will come together in a new metaverse space featuring a roster of NFTs.

The two brands will invite their audiences to contribute unique anonymized photographs to the open-Metaverse NFT project—3,000 of which will be selected. Participation is completely free, and contributors will maintain ownership over their respective tokens. Additionally, digital artist Zach Lieberman will compile all 3,000 NFTs into a 1-of-1 patchwork style image to auction on SuperRare, with a majority of the proceeds going to Slow Factory. All of the contracts for the collection will be built on Polygon.

Because the project will be entirely user-generated, there is no imagery available yet. Keep your eyes on the landing page for the collab here to learn how to submit artwork, and browse though Zach Leiberman's IG to get an idea of how the coder/digital artist may bring all of the tiles together into a unified piece.

Rather than creating an internally-produced NFT project, Prada and adidas are demonstrating a commitment to their communities by launching a project that allows creators to maintain ownership over their respective artwork, giving increased visibility to fledgling artists. Keep your eyes on the adidas Originals Twitter account and the project's landing page to learn how to submit to the project.

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