1/1 Artist Spotlight: Antpantone


ONE37pm's 1/1 Artist Spotlight is a series that focuses on giving love to 1 of 1 NFT Artists. Whether they're from the traditional art world or just got started in art through web3, we want to highlight and help you get to know those who are up and coming.

A 1/1 NFT is a unique, one-of-a-kind digital collectible where no other exists other than the piece itself. We hope to introduce you to talented and incredible people in the NFT space and the reasons they love doing what they do.

Ant, also known as Antpantone, is a well-respected artist in the 1/1 community and NFT space. Best known for his schematics and color palettes, Ant is able to portray a variety of emotions and stories both digitally and physically. His style also includes stop motion, and has been praised for this use of audiovisual, the colors, and the symbology

ONE37pm had the opportunity to interview him about his artistic process, goals for the future, and much more.

You can see more of his art on Superrare and Foundation.

ONE37pm: How has your artist journey changed since joining NFTs? How did you start? 

Antpantone: As an artist in web3, It’s given me the creative freedom to express my ideas and a whole community of friends to support that. We’re really seeing this unprecedented shift in artists having full control of their work and opportunities that provide sustainability for them. Since joining back in June of 2021, It’s opened many doors for me in ways we wouldn’t have typically experienced in the traditional space and even building relationships with artists that share the same passions. 

ONE37pm: Do you prefer physical or digital art? 

Antpantone: I’ve come to love them both, I think being able to blend the two mediums together has helped push my creative boundaries in terms of what’s possible. My relationship with analog has always felt like an intimate connection - there's something special about having my work tangible where I can create based on touch and instinct. Working with digital provides its own advantages in regards to precision and control. Overall, it’s great that both mediums can complement each other in my creative process. 

ONE37pm: How would you describe your art style? 

Antpantone: I would describe my art style as the user interface of my imagination. I'm able to take all my interconnected experiences and reconstruct them through fragmented photography and iconography styles. Working with textiles really created this new visual language for me, I find that my best work comes when I can compose a piece from my personal experiences and observations. 

ONE37pm: What is your favorite piece? 

Antpantone: I have several, I think each piece represents a certain moment in my artistic growth. I’m really enjoying this new approach in my work which explores how lighting and depth interact with each other. “System Error 404” and “Lavender Field Of View” are pieces that represent this connection. 

ONE37pm: What do you hope to accomplish in the next year? 

Antpantone: It's amazing how many milestones I’ve been able to achieve in this year alone. It's refreshing knowing I have a whole community of peers ready to push the work forward. I’m not sure what to expect in this next year but one thing for certain is continuing to refine my technique and style. I hope to have my own art studio too, I think having your personal space to let your ideas roam is important. 

ONE37pm: When do you feel most inspired to create?

Antpantone: I feel most inspired when I’m able to propose new challenges to my work. The tension between innovation and refinement is something that I find fascinating. On one hand, I want to push the boundaries of what's possible. On the other, I want to take what I’ve already learned and make it even better. It's a delicate balance, and I'm always curious to see how it plays out. 


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