Bojangles Partners with Local Artists on NFT Auction

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Left by Josh Henderson / Right by Joey Allen

Do you like chicken? Do you like NFTs? Then buckle up. If you're lucky enough to live in one of the states where Bojangles operates, then odds are you know their Chicken Supremes. To celebrate the year of NFTs and their beloved recipes, Bojangles is teaming up with a roster of 7 local North Carolina artists to drop a collection of seven 1:1 NFTs, which will be auctioned off from December 1st through December 3rd on the Bojangles Chickenverse website.

The winners of the auction for the 1:1s will win the NFTs, in addition to free Chicken Supremes for a full year. All proceeds from the sale will go directly to the artists, including royalties in perpetuity. Additionally, Bojangles will sell 200 NFTs reflecting a collaboration from the seven artists for $25 each. The buyer of each of those tokens will be entered for a chance to win free Chicken Supremes for a year.

The Artists:

Bojangles recruited 7 artists for this auction, many of whom are getting into NFTs for the first time.

Browse the artwork below, and make sure to follow the artists as they pursue their respective mediums.

Jackie Wilson for Bojangles
Mike Wirth for Bojangles
Josh Henderson
Josh Henderson for Bojangles
Joey Allen
Joey Allen for Bojangles
Ryan Allen
Ryan Allen for Bojangles
RakiaJackson 1of1 rework
Rakia Jackson for Bojangles
Rebecca Lipps for Bojangles

“Our Chicken Supremes are so delicious they deserve to be made into collectible art, and what’s more fitting to celebrate their greatness than to dive into the NFT space while supporting local artists,” said Jackie Woodward, Bojangles’ chief brand and marketing officer.

Rather than creating artwork internally and collecting the profits for Bojangles, the chicken brand has done a really wonderful job of entering the web3 space in a thoughtful way, allowing the artists themselves to reap the benefits of their hard work. In an ideal world, NFT technology is a means to allowing artists monetize their work more easily than ever before, and Bojangles has done a great job of cultivating that ethos.

For more info and to bid, head over to Bojangles NFT landing page.

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