Photographer David Drebin Drops First NFT Collection

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David Drebin

The world of NFT photography is expanding every day. With names like Justin Aversano boasting record-breaking sales, many people in the web3 community feel that NFT photography will be the next big wave of art collection. It makes sense, as NFT tech is essentially just a way to record a transaction; why not buy a high quality digital version of a photo on the blockchain, proving one's ownership?

David Drebin is well-known for his epic and cinematic photographs from his 25+ year career, most of which investigate elements of voyeurism and other psychological phenomena. Now the artist is dropping his first collection of NFTs ahead of his solo booth at Art Basel and Art Miami this week, which will feature 22 of his large scale works.

The Diamond Dust Collection:

David Drebin

NFTs are a unique technological format, and thus a unique photographic effect is well-suited to Drebin's first drop. The collection, entitled "Diamond Dust" features an interesting finish on the imagery, giving the viewer a sensation of peering through speckles of diamond dust to see the photo. This process is conducted by applying a glittering material to paper and ink in the printing process.

David Drebin

The project is comprised of 20 images, ranging from cityscape shots to more intimate portraiture—all using the signature diamond dust effect. ONE37pm got a chance to ask Drebin how he came up with the series: "Inspired by Andy Warhol, the original Diamond Dust Pioneer, I decided to take a selection of my most well known photographs, many of which are sold out in a limited editions, and turn them into 'Diamond Dust' prints."

The added element of the diamond dust effect helps to unify these separate images under an umbrella of one cohesive project. "The selected photos are my most in demand images through our gallery partners worldwide," Drebin told ONE37pm. Rather than creating a new array of photos for an NFT drop, Drebin dove back into the archives, opting to highlight some of his already renowned images for his first drop.

The drop will take place today, November 30th at 12pm EST on Nifty Gateway as one of their verified drops. Each piece will be auctioned as a 1 of 1, with the auction continuing until December 4th to coincide with David's booth at Art Basel Miami this week.

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