Inside BRICK, The Future Hybrid Space of Los Angeles

A community-run creative space by day, music venue by night


If you haven't heard of BRICK yet, you will soon.

Created by Lee Spielman and Garrett Stevenson, founders of the influential streetwear brand Babylon LA and members of the band Trash Talk, BRICK will be a hybrid space in Los Angeles featuring a music venue in the evenings and a community-run creative space during the day.

From live shows, to music lessons with some of the best artists in the world, to screen printing workshops, to financial literacy and crypto security classes by Ledger, BRICK will serve as an artistic and educational hub for communities. BRICK will host a blow-out concert once a month, each with a unique “tour t-shirt” and poster designed in collaboration with famous graphic artists.

Holders of the BRICK NFT will get voting rights on programming at the venue as well as unlimited free entry to shows and workshops with a guest for each event.

Holders who are not local to Los Angeles will have access to programming through the land BRICK buys in the metaverse, at which it will stream all concerts and classes. Digital merch and tour posters will also be airdropped to holders with each new show. Brick is secured by Ledger Enterprise Create, a key technology suite to enable the secure minting, distribution and storage of NFTs.

The cartoon story of BRICK, features the voices of actor Blake Anderson, rapper Danny Brown, and actor Lionel Boyce. BRICK NFT art was designed by renowned graffiti artist Remio along with artists Petty Crimes and Keenan Shurr.

“BRICK is hyped to partner with Ledger Marketplace for our first release,” said Lee Spielman. “When it comes to style, taste & curation Ledger has proven to be a cut above the rest while navigating through the Web3 space. Ledger’s ethos align with BRICK from a cultural standpoint when it comes to building community driven spaces that provide tools & knowledge to the youth. With that being said we can’t wait to see what the future brings on with this new partnership.”

ONE37pm interviewed founders Lee Spielman and Garrett Stevenson for information on what the public can expect from BRICK.

What need do you think bringing a physical music venue to web3 will fulfill?

Building a physical venue that is mirrored in the metaverse shows what is possible using the power of NFT’s & community on a grand scale. Right now the main thing that catches headlines are clickbait buzzwords just to try and draw negative attention to the space. We feel that linking likeminded individuals from around the globe is a beautiful thing that hasn’t always been possible. We love the thought of someone from across the world sitting in their living room tuned in to a workshop learning a new skillset with others here at our physical Los Angeles space. When we first started as creatives, we didn’t have these resources like this, so we’re excited to create this space. We wish we had this growing up. The idea of teleporting to a venue to see your favorite band in a well curated, immersive experience and then hopefully take away some life changing information at the same time is something that we would be foolish not to lean into as a society.

What are some of your future goals for the space?

Through high level curation & programming we are going to open a music venue & an educational hub. The idea is to provide experiences & knowledge that are irreplaceable. Involving the community and people from all over the world in the process of what that looks like is going to be fun. A choose your own adventure story that you help guide and are a part of along the way. We’ve spoken about doing everything from art shows, themed parties, DIY screen-printing workshops, photolabs, very curated dinners for people in web3.0 and outside of that to connect the both. The possibilities are endless. We are putting no boundaries on where we can take it with the BRICK community. This place isn’t about us as “founders” it’s about US as a entire community, we’re just trying to be the catalyst for a bunch of cool, memorable experiences along the way.

Why did you decide to partner with ledger?

We’ve known Ian, Parker and Steven from Ledger for many years and have collaborated with them in many different ways across a few of the companies they previously worked with. Ledger as a team and company align with our ethos of operating at a high level without being asked to do so. Over the last year we have had kids from all over come to us and say they would like to get in to this space but don’t feel safe interacting with people they don’t know in real life. They want to get down but don’t know how to without getting robbed. These are some of the most creative in the world. Kids, who if given the knowledge could really change the game. With Ledger we want to give them that in the safest way. As BRICK grows and we bring people from outside of Web3.0 into the space, we feel it is important to be able to provide them not only the best knowledge but knowledge through someone they can relate to.

How will your experience in streetwear translate to this project?

We know how to build a world and brand it. We know how to bring a bunch of highly talented individuals from different worlds together and have it all make sense. Also, in addition to the music stuff, clothing and brand collaborations will definitely play a big role in BRICK - stay tuned for more on that side. It’s built in to our DNA as creatives.

How do you think the LA community will respond?

We think LA will love it - it is definitely missing a great, new, well curated music venue. LA is a place that supports what supports them. We can’t wait to bring people in and provide memories that they’ll remember for the rest of their lives. At the end of the day if we can better our person to person experiences with each other through Web3 that’s a win for everyone.

To stay updated on BRICK, follow the project on Twitter and Instagram.

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