Brycent is 2022's Gam3 Awards Content Creator of the Year

Instagram (@brycent) / ONE37pm

When the term "Web3 gaming" comes across your average person's timeline, we're pretty sure most of those individuals don't have a clue about what it truly entails. One of the most informative voices in the space is VaynerSports' very own NFT gamer and content creator Brycent, who's steadily built his social media pages and Twitch channel into learning hubs for curious onlookers. Thanks to his wealth of educational and simultaneously entertaining clips, Brycent has earned the distinct honor of being named Content Creator of the Year for 2022 by Polkastarter Gaming's Gam3 Awards. We caught up with Brycent to get a few words about this notable accomplishment, plus we picked his brain about a few intriguing topics concerning the burgeoning world of Web3 gaming. Tap in!

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