SaveArtSpace Brings CryptoPunks to NYC with "Pixelated"

SaveArtSpace (From the Miami "Pixelated")

SaveArtSpace is a non-profit that aims to provide public art in spaces previously overrun by advertising. Last month, SaveArtSpace teamed up with NFT collector GmoneyNFT, to curate a showing of LarvaLabs' CryptoPunks on billboards and other public spaces around Miami. 96 CryptoPunks were presented around Miami for a full month, giving crypto-enthusiasts and art fans alike an opportunity to see the digital works rendered in the physical world.

Now, the same team that put on Pixelated in Miami is bringing the show to NYC. Throughout the month of May, you'll be able to find Punks cropping up all over the city that never sleeps. You can see a full map of their locations here, so check it out if you want to get out there and go on a Punks treasure hunt. The unstoppable NFT project will be popping up on bus shelters, phone booths and billboard ad spaces in Manhattan, Brooklyn, and Queens.

The launch of Pixelated in NYC coincides with CryptoPunks collaboration with Christie's Auction House. On Tuesday, May 11th, Christie's will be auctioning off a series of 9 Punks in their 21st Century Evening Sale. Between Pixelated and the Christie's Collab, CryptoPunks is becoming a cultural icon, representing the ever-evolving art world and the myriad of ways in which digital art can be disseminated to the viewer.

Exhibitions like Pixelated are so immensely interesting because they demonstrate the potential of NFT projects outside of the digital realm. By bringing these images into the physical space, Pixelated and its curator, GmoneyNFT, allow CryptoPunks to exist as a true piece of viewable artwork, as opposed to just a digital asset with a value to watch. The NFT world is only just getting started.

Click here to read more about SaveArtSpace and what they've been up to. And to learn more about one of the non-profit's founders, Justin Aversano, and his photo NFT project, Twin Flames, read up here.

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