The Future of Fashion: RTFKT Studios Teams up with CryptoPunks

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RTFKT Studios

If you've been keeping up with NFTs at all over the last few months, then odds are you know the CryptoPunks. Between their Christie's show last week and numerous record-breaking sales, the LarvaLabs project has become one of the most well-known digital art projects in the NFT space globally. Couple that with RTFKT studios, the game changing collectiveโ€”that produced works like the FEWO Sneaker drop, their Space Drip collection and moreโ€”and you've got yourself a collaboration built to destroy the internet.

Last week, RTFKT worked together with the LarvaLabs team to launch a series of 10,000 sneaker NFTs, one for each corresponding Punk, only available to the owner of the digital avatar. The project formally dropped last Tuesday, but Punk owners are able to redeem their punk through this coming Sunday on the RTFKT site.

rtfkt x cryptopunks sneaker
RTFKT Studios

The RTFKT team told ONE37pm: "Through the project, we've met and discovered amazing people, innovators, creators, each with their own story and skills. Like characters of a unique society, shaping the new world." The Space Pirate RTFKT team also worked with the mad genius scientist MGXS to create a unique website for each punk.

RTFKT went on to say: "We loved doing this project for Punks, and it's just the beginning. More experiences, physicals and Metaverse drop will unlock via your punk." As was the case with RTFKT's previous forging event, last week's drop didn't include any unlock-able items for the general public, but rather built on access and perks for current owners of CryptoPunks. Each Punk owner will have access to:

  • 1/1 Punk Sneaker NFT
  • 1 Complementary Physical sneaker forging
  • 1/1 VXL Portrait
  • Metaverse Wearable voxel files

The physical sneaker will first become available to owners on June 22nd. This is just the beginning; there will be more unlocking events down the line.

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