Green Street and ABV Agency Set to Launch ‘FLWRS’ NFT Collection

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2021 saw the proliferation of PFP projects, and now 2022 has opened up lanes for a wide variety of disciplines to get into the world of NFTs. While PFP and algorithmic artwork is still one of the best avenues for producing a project, collections like Green Street's FLWRS NFT project demonstrate the way utility and community can be incorporated more fully in an era following the initial hype of non-fungible tokens.

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The team behind Green Street, a decade-old firm, co-owned by Gary Vaynerchuk, are set to launch FLWRS on October 28th. The NFT art collection—based on some extensive world building and artwork—was created with creative direction by GREG MIKE, the founder of Atlanta-based ABV Agency, with support from ABV's artist collective. 

“The cannabis industry deserves a future filled with FLWRS. We’re excited to bring the last decade of Green Street’s reputation and track record to the Web3 space,” said Rama Mayo

Producing one of the first cannabis projects in the NFT space, Green Street is uniquely positioned to offer a special kind of access due to their extensive portfolio and network in the world of weed. Holders of FLWRS will have access to exclusive physical products, digital content and token-gated real life experiences nationwide, including events at the recently opened 67,000 sq. ft Cannabis event and community based business epicenter, Green Street Los Angeles. 

“Community is everything. We won’t stop until we’ve created the world’s largest and most connected cannabis community,” said FLWRS Co-Founder, Lincoln Barnett III.

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The debut project plays off GREG MIKE's surrealist pop-art style, with a combined effort of talented illustrators, designers and innovators within the space. The artwork is brought to life through the incredible story of the Federation of Love, Weed and Recreational Support (FLWRS). Legendary and iconic Cannabis strains, known as ‘MTHRS’ in the interstellar FLWRS universe, are celebrated through superhero storylines developed by seasoned Cannabis writers and industry veterans. 

“Over a decade ago, Rama from Green Street helped with my first solo show as an artist, and I am excited to be working together in conjunction with my artist collective to bring FLWRS to the forefront of the NFT space," said Greg Mike.

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The project is also built around some pretty epic lore, written with the help of David Bienenstock. Read about the world they've created:

The Legend of FLWRS:

The Federation of Love, Weed & Recreational Support (FLWRS), an advanced alien culture, first dispatched a deep space probe millions of years ago using Cannabis to terraform the earth.

The human societies that developed used Cannabis as a tool to thrive but ultimately ended up prohibiting the plant.

FLWRS returned to gather up and save earth’s most evolved Cannabis strains, a.k.a. MTHRS, and transported them to a new, uninhabited, undisclosed planet—to start the process all over again. 

En route to this new home, these carefully chosen MTHRS began mutating and crossbreeding, generating a wholly unique set of space hybrids where each variety has developed special attributes and utilities to help unite the universal forces of good through Cannabis.

Earth wasn't the plant’s first home, and it won't be its last.

FLWRS Mint Info:

Mint Date: 10/28

Mint Quantity: 8,888

Mint Price: .0777

For more information about the collection and the mint, please visit and the official FLWRS Twitter account, @FLWRSnft.

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