Front of House Partners With Restaurants To Curate NFT-Ticketed Experiences

FoH is taking the hospitality and restaurant world into Web3.

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Front of House

Front of House (also known as FoH) is a curation of restaurant digital collectibles aimed to give holders exclusive access to perks, dining events and experiences, reservations, and more.

It was founded by food and tech industry insiders Phil Toronto, Colin Camac and Alex Ostroff, who wanted combine physical and digital experiences in a new way.

"We decided to start Front of House to create a new low friction revenue stream for our favorite restaurants around the world," said co-founder Phil Toronto, who also works as a partner at Vaynerfund.

FoH will be able to give food lovers a new way to experience hospitality from selected restaurants, as well as give restaurant owners a way to earn income outside of the dining room through NFTs.

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Front of House

How to Buy

To buy a FoH card/token, add the collectible you want to purchase to cart, and connect your wallet on Each collectible ranges from $100-$1000+ USD, depending on restaurant partner and type.

For example, the 'Fish & Chips' collectible gives access to reservations for Dame Restaurant and the 'Hot Girl Slice' collectible gives access to Emmett’s Supper Club.

FoH also accepts credit cards, giving new people a chance to get accustomed to the web3 space in a more digestible way.

If the collectible is re-sold on Opensea, the added on perks will be transferred to the new owner of the off-menu item.

80% of primary and secondary sales will go back to partnered restaurants, with 20% going back to FoH.

Current Restaurant Partners

Currently, FoH has launched in the New York market, but hopes to expand Los Angeles and other major cities very soon.

Its current restaurant partners include Dame, Wildair Donut Friends, and Emmett’s on Grove.

"Each restaurant sets its own parameters and expectations," Toronto said. "For Dame, one of the hardest places to get a table in New York, one can make four reservations at a time up to 6 months in advance with the FoH token."

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Front of House

FoH's first in-person event will be a Pizza Party at Emmett's On Grove on July 7th. It is one of the many future in-person events that FoH intends to offer ticket holders.

All FoH Card Holders (Dame, Wildair Donut Friends, Emmett’s) will be invited to the party. There will be unlimited pizza, beer, and wine.

Skip the Line and Get Priority Reservations

Danielle Vreeland, a New York based foodie and FoH holder, says she decided to buy a FoH Card because it would give her access to her favorite restaurant, Emmett's.

"Emmett’s is one of my favorite spots in NYC, but it can be challenging to get a reservation particularly on short notice," Vreeland said. "The NFT is a creative way to solve that problem because it gives me instant access to getting a reservation for up to 4 people in the main dining and up to 2 people at the bar."

Vreeland hopes more restaurants start to offer NFTs as a reservation tool not only to beat long lines, but also to create fellowship.

"I also think it’s a great way for restaurants to know who their fanbase is," Vreeland said. "It can create a community of regulars."

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Front of House

Front of House releases weekly drops on its website here.

Upcoming partners include Hanoi House, Tokyo Record Room, The Musket Room, and more.

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