RECUR Takes Flight With Hello Kitty and Friends World NFTs


Hello Kitty and Friends are embarking on a new journey, through an NFT experience powered by RECUR. This follows the announcement of a partnership between RECUR and Sanrio in November 2021.

Rooted in traveling and experiencing new cultures, Hello Kitty awakens an appetite for adventure and friendship without borders. Hello Kitty and Friends World brings the friendship and community of the world’s favorite characters to the NFT space.

Hello Kitty and five of her friends will act as tour guides for fans through the 10,000 NFTs for sale.

What you need to know about the drop:

Pre mint time: August 24th at 2pm ET

Public sale: August 25 at 2pm ET

Make sure you sign up here:

Cost: $100. A Suitcase contains one Hello Kitty and Friends World character that you can send on adventures through challenges. 

Suitcases are sealed after purchase and will be available to re-sell as sealed items. Users can either open their Suitcase to reveal the character within, keep it locked to reveal at a later date, or re-sell on the secondary market.

Fans will be able to collect Hello Kitty characters and earn new digital collectibles by completing challenges where they travel to eight iconic cities around the world—two of which will be exclusively available for RECUR Pass Holders.

The RECUR Pass is a collection of unique NFTs designed to give the early NFT community utility and special access to digital collectibles from the world’s most beloved brands. Each generative RECUR Pass NFT grants early access and benefits to its holder within the RECUR ecosystem, across its brands & IP, throughout the metaverse, and beyond.

“We’re thrilled to create a platform for all Hello Kitty fans, old and new, to take flight and experience the metaverse through Hello Kitty and Friends World,” said RECUR Founder and CEO Zach Bruch. “Our goal is to provide a community where fans can interact and explore the metaverse with brands and IPs they love. We can’t wait to bring that to life for Sanrio fans across the globe.”

In April, RECUR launched multi-chain deposits and withdrawals for all of their NFT experiences. NFTs can be withdrawn to any Web3 wallet on any supported blockchain, allowing for a truly interoperable traveling experience with Hello Kitty and Friends World. Read more about the platform in our introduction to RECUR.

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