RECUR Partners With Sanrio To Bring Hello Kitty Into NFT Space

The beloved figure is now officially an NFT


RECUR has some major announcements in the NFT space, and one of those is a name you'll instantly recognize. The technology company recently confirmed a strategic partnership with Sanrio that will for the first time bring the iconic Hello Kitty Brand to the digital collectible space. Through this partnership, RECUR will create a fan-focused platform that will allow Hello Kitty fans to buy, collect, and trade Hello Kitty NFT’s as digital products and collectibles. The Hello Kitty NFTs will be interoperable across chains, and will be available beginning in Q1 of 2022.

We spoke with RECUR co-founders and CEOs Zach Bruch and Trevor George to learn more about the platform.

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ONE37pm: Okay let’s start with the first announcement. You guys will be partnering with Sanrio which will officially bring Hello Kitty into the NFT space. What led to this partnership?

RECUR: We come from a long history of licensing, and we’re excited to be partnered together. Hello Kitty is a multi-billion dollar global phenomenon, with a degree of fandom that is on another level. Hello Kitty fans are often obsessed with the character, and their entire rooms will oftentimes be decked out in Hello Kitty stuff. The community is important, and Hello Kitty spoke to us as a brand that had an extreme fandom.

ONE37pm: What are some of the things Hello Kitty fans can expect out of this NFT?

RECUR: We can’t give away too much now, but the character that we have all come to love will be expressed in a lot of different ways in this NFT space. NFT’s are known for their PFP (profile picture), so there could potentially be something there just as a hint. Again we can’t say too much, but we can’t wait to bring the entire Hello Kitty world as NFT’s.

ONE37pm: What’s been the most exciting part of working on this project?

RECUR: We are super excited about our individual approach to NFT’s. We want to make sure fans can interact with these NFT’s, and take them anywhere they need to go. We want to make sure we stay authentic, and ownership is going to be key with what we are doing. The objective of Web3 is to have something that you can own, and that is one of the exciting things about the metaverse, Don’t get me wrong, we’re doing some amazing things in terms of the art and experience, but our goal is to give full ownership that you can take anywhere.

ONE37pm: What’s on RECUR’s radar for 2022?

RECUR: We want to continue to grow. We just announced another partnership with Care Bears, and for the first time ever, we will be introducing new Care Bears characters into the metaverse. We’re really excited about the direction we’re going and we can’t wait for the future!

The future is indeed bright for RECUR. Speaking of their partnership with Care Bears, the deal will be a multi-year NFT partnership, and a dedicated experience launching in the first half of 2022 that will allow fans to buy, collect, and trade Care Bears NFTs as digital products and collectibles. The RECUR Pass will offer early beta access to RECUR’s coveted experiences in entertainment, sports, and pop culture including Care Bears, among others. Pre-registration is now open.

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