IKONICK Launches Inaugural NFT Collection and Collaboration Contest

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LA-based art brand IKONICK has announced their inaugural NFT collection. The genesis of what is now the fastest growing digital art company in the world can be traced back to 2016, when digital artists Jeff Cole and Mark Mastrandrea first founded the brand, which would eventually come to be backed by GaryVee and Scooter Braun. Their mission: “We are dedicated to producing affordable high-quality canvas art that’s guaranteed to make you sit up straight, put your head down and go follow your passion.”

The goal of the brand’s NFT project is blurring the worlds of physical, hold-it-in-your-hands art and the exploding digital art space. “We believe NFTs are going to be as big as social media or the internet,” IKONICK co-founder Mark Mastrandrea said. "We've spent a lot of time studying this fast changing market and ultimately believe that providing tangible value is the most important element to any offer. Any consumer that purchases our Inaugural NFT will have the ability to unlock exclusive canvas, exclusive NFT’s and new products in the future.” 

The brand has a few NFTs prepared to drop in their Eternal Contest, with each token accompanied by some physical assets. The first to drop is the Dreams Weigh More Than Excuses NFT, inspired by one of the brand’s most successful canvas art pieces to date. You can find the link to the auction here.

Each NFT drop will include two editions. Both editions will only be available for 48 hours and will be minted on the blockchain, then never sold again.

  • The “Eternal Set” Edition; comes free with a purchase of a $500 Gift card to 
  • A rare 1 of 1 “Eternal Auction” Edition; auctioned off and sold to the highest bidder via Open Sea, comes with a physical Infinite Object.

They’ve also incorporated a super unique mechanic into the drop; each release will spark a unique consumer contest, designed to return something to a member of the IKONICK community. According to the brand’s press release, “The first contest winner will work directly with the Ikonick in-house creative team to create a custom art piece that will be listed and sold next to some of the most iconic brands and entrepreneurs of our time including: Daymond John, Gary Vaynerchuck, Monopoly, Smiley, Popeye, Peanuts, Marilyn Monroe, NBA and more. As a collaboration partner, the winner will also receive monthly royalty payments against sales volume, serving a passive income stream, in perpetuity.”

This is an amazing example of the ways that brands and creators can create more interesting drops mechanically than a one time purchase. By incorporating this element of the drop, the contest winner will be getting mass awareness/distribution through IKONICK's multi-millions of followers on social, email and text subscribers. It would be huge for any artist looking to build up their brand.

IKONICK is in the NFT game for the long haul; this drop is clearly intended to build community. “Offering limited edition NFTs with gift card purchases and unique collaboration opportunities to our fans is our way of educating and inviting more people to join and drive forward this industry movement. This is the future, we’re excited to build it and bring our community on the journey with us,” said Jeff Cole, co-founder of IKONICK in the brand’s press release. 

Keep your eye on the auction here and make sure to follow @ikonick on Instagram for updates on what’s to come. 

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