Jack Settleman Drops First NFT, The Knights of Degen


Last week, we dropped our first series of NFTs. The Knights of Degen.

Stick with us as we give some of the nitty, gritty NFT info first. After that, we will break this down into the big picture.

8,888 Knights were available for Mint Price is .0888 Eth ($300). So far, the pre-sale sold out in two hours. During the mint festival, 1.3k minters capitalized on the moment. There are 2,222 claimed at the moment. 

There are 6300 Knights minted so far. If you had a pre-mint pass, you could mint for two more at .0888 ETH. 

2.95 - 1. Literally, everyone minted to the max of three. Like, almost everyone. It was incredible. People clearly got into this project.

That leaves around 2500 remaining for public mint on 9/30… the time is still TBD.

Now, on Sep 30, the remaining Knights of Degen NFTs are available at .0888 Eth. The art reveal will be going down on October 7th. 

Since the drop, there have been only about an average of 70 Knights listed for sale on OpenSea… an incredibly small percentage for the collection of its size. But first…

What ARE the Knights of Degen? 

Now is the fun part. We just got done with the vegetables. Let's crush this dessert.

It is an NFT project at the intersection of sports betting and NFTs. 

A lot of the time with new NFT collections you don't know who the creators are behind the project. This project is backed publicly by well-respected artists and executives in the sports industry like, Blake Jamieson (Beckett Sports Artist of the Year), Jared Augustine (CEO of Thuzio), Drew Austin (Founder, Red Beard Ventures), and Alex Sheinman (Partner, Snapback Sports). 

The project is medieval futurist characters, representing people who would be in a sports bar in the year 2088. They love sports, gambling, drinking, but mostly having a good time with a like-minded community. Each knight will have its unique traits with different levels of rarity and will mirror a lot of similar projects in the NFT space. 

BUT… it ain't done. 

This is like a start-up. We are not giving you the unfulfilled roadmap that these other projects like to promise. To start, you will have a percent of the mint price that is going straight to an NFT vault which will represent assets that are essentially backing the Knights and giving them value. You will have normal discord privileges to discuss wagers and all things NFTs. AMA’s from contributors like Tiki and Ronde Barber, Jerry Ferrara, and more. Jerry has actually joined the founding team as an advisor. 

Included in the project are exclusive pools and contests, like the 10,000 dollar survivor pool. 

Not only will we store stuff in the vault which will increase in value, but we will also do Fractional NFTs. Like Zed Run Horses, if the horse succeeds, you succeed. 

The final thing is the Degen coin. We will be able to air-drop tokens to the community members. So, in other words, we created a currency. 

We want this to be a project for beginners, newcomers, all the way to NFT experts. 

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