What is Blockchain Gaming?

Michael Caloca / ONE37pm / Imagery Courtesy of Enjin, Axie Infinity

Blockchain gaming is gaming that utilizes true item ownership from the same technology that lies at the core of cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum. It is an earth-shattering innovation for players who have previously accepted that their items will be forever stuck in games. Normally, players are accustomed to wall gardens that prevent players from moving assets freely in and out. So blockchain operates more like a battering ram or the kool-aid man to players who have been staring up at these Attack On Titan-sized walls waiting for something to shake up their world. 

These new systems bring exciting developments, minus the titans. Blockchain gaming is letting players verify that their items are rare and letting them send anything to anyone. This new capability exists without having to jump through hoops or sell your entire account to move just one measly item the buyer wants. This enables a new player-driven economy where games don’t have to worry about new releases or shady DLCs, and can instead make new content that is tradable and retains players. Players are so used to game-hopping to scratch an itch that they routinely buy new games every other month trying to chase the trends and the hype. If they can add hours of gameplay to their favorite games while spending more money in-game, everybody wins. This becomes especially beneficial for gamers when systems like Enjin allow creators to add transfer fees to monetize the trading done in and out of the game.

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