Jack Settleman and Snapback Sports Start Creator Agency

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Snapback Agency

Don’t say we didn’t tell ya so. 

For months, ONE37pm has collaborated with Jack Settleman and Alex Sheinman on numerous blogs that break down the world of NFTs and the incorporation of them in sports. These include blogs on NBA Top Shot,, and the hottest NFT projects being released by athletes.

But now, the two come with bigger news. 

First off, what these two have built is nothing short of incredible. Neither has hit 30 years of age and this week, they launched “Snapback Agency.” 

The agency will serve as a home for young, social creators. Alex and Jack have built a sensational platform for themselves, and now want to provide that platform for others. 


ONE37PM: What has the reception been like?

“It’s been really good. We work with a ton of brand sponsors. They want to continue to scale their business and they are excited too. We’ve always tried to over-deliver on our brand deals. And then Jack has built a great community by helping other creators build and get brand deals. We have a lot of momentum right now, but we are taking a strategic approach.”

ONE37PM: What is a one-year goal? What is a five-year goal? 

“One year from now, we want a robust client roster. There are a few categories that we are really interested in. Sports betting, NFTs, and crypto…. Which we already do a lot of. But there is so much room for creators. We can go deeper in all of those categories and next year, we will be in a great position to help creators grow and succeed.” 

“The five-year plan is to be the premier agency that represents creatives. Instead of boutiques and CAA… carving out a little room… we want to be a major leader in this space. There are so many different levels to creators… you have creators on Tik Tok, Youtube, Snapchat…. They have been so focused on creating… they didn’t have time for brand deals. They couldn’t get the right resources. That’s where we will separate ourselves. We don’t want to be in their way. We want them to have a free lane and do what they do best,” said Settleman.

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