Jeremy Fall Wants to Spread Kindness Through NFT Project, Photosynthesis

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Jeremy Fall, a restaurateur, celebrity chef and entrepreneur based in Los Angeles, is hoping to make his mark in the NFT space.

After founding over a dozen successful restaurants and bars all over the United States, he decided to pivot to the tech and entertainment industry. He started his own NFT and metaverse education company, Probably Nothing and is now launching his first NFT project, Photosynthesis.

jeremy fall
Jeremy Fall

“I used food as a conduit to conversation–to bring people together,” Fall said. “I viewed food as a cultural unifier, and I found something very similar in the NFT space.”

Fall finds many things in common between the NFT space and the hospitality industry.

“Web3 is very much in line with hospitality. It’s taking care of people, giving them attention, and showing that you care.”

Onboarding Through 'Photosynthesis'

Onboarding new users to the world of NFTs can be difficult. “Whenever you’re trying to educate people, you need to give them something they can connect to–that they’re familiar with,” says Fall.

That’s where his new NFT project, Photosynthesis comes in. It’s a collection of 4,444 PFP NFTs that give holders access to a virtual flower shop.

“Let’s say, I were to try to get someone into the space like my mother,” Fall said. “She might not connect to 99% of projects that degens do, but she will to a beautiful flower bouquet, because it’s something that’s familiar.”

The project launched at the end of May 2022 and the full supply has been minted. The PFP flowers have a variety of traits, including different flower types, pots, rims, eyes, mouths, and backgrounds.

Gifting NFT Flowers

Holders of Photosynthesis genesis tokens can gift an infinite amount of NFT flowers to their friends and loved ones. The cost of each gift is the price of gas on the Ethereum blockchain.

Holders will also have the option to add a personalized message with each digital bouquet. The words will live forever, within the metadata of each NFT.

“We’re allowing people to have the instant utility of being able to gift flowers,” says Fall. “We’re hoping it becomes somewhat of a reflex–something that’s normal in the space.”

Photosynthesis also unveiled collaborations with Robin Thicke and Brandy to release limited edition bouquets in the flower shop.

Paying it Forward

Fall hopes the routine act of gifting NFT flowers and showing gratitude will onboard new participants, and improve people’s mental health.

He hopes to do this by contributing 35% of secondary royalties to mental health charities.

But for Fall, helping doesn’t end with simply cutting a check.

It’s time for us to give more

- Jeremy Fall

He added, “We have a partnership with The Mental Health Coalition, Kenneth Cole’s mental health charity.” They’re using these resources to bring therapists into Discord, and finding other ways to help people on a more micro level.

As Fall said, “When you’re part of our community, you feel like our mission actually transcends the utility and the day-to-day.”
Photosynthesis holders will have access to exclusive real-life and virtual events. They will also benefit from strategic collaborations, such as the recent partnership announcements with LimeWire and Warner Records.

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Photosynthesis NFT

The Community Behind the Project

Photosynthesis is a key part of Probably Nothing, Fall's Web3 company and media platform.

As Fall explains, “Our vision for Probably Nothing is to build an ecosystem where different projects live under our ‘Nothing Drugstore,’ a concept that’s both virtual and IRL.”

He adds, “This concept will have different aisles including: a newsstand focused on education (Probably Nothing), a flower shop (Photosynthesis), a music aisle, food, and other cultural components that we’re translating to Web3.”

Overall, the goal of Probably Nothing is to educate the world about NFTs by onboarding as many people as possible.

It is a community for the curious, the lovers of culture, and the creatives. It’s a gathering place for everyone who wants to push this new world forward and be part of a larger family.

As Fall humbly puts it, “We’re letting people into our home.”

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