September 23rd's NF3 Recap: TIMEPieces, Twitter News and the Heart Project

Today was a big day for the world of Web 3.0. We've still been in a bit of a bear market in the NFT community, but there were a few big moments in the past day or so that signal some immense growth to come. TIME Magazine launched their NFT collection today, which sold out almost instantaneously. Twitter also made some NFT-bullish announcements, so we'll dive into that as well.

If you're just tuning into NF3, check out our last edition.

This article does not constitute formal financial advice. Always do your own research before investing.

1. TIME Magazine's NFT Collection Sells Out Instantaneously

2. Twitter Announces NFT Authentication Service

3. A Pre-Sale to Watch: The Heart Project

Other cool stuff:

The world of fashion NFTs is still pretty slept on IMO. Dissrup is a really cool platform launching fashion assets (and other pieces of 3D digital artwork), with the intent to be able to bring these wearables into other metaverses. Their inaugural drop with UV Zhu on the 13th, Acid Pool, was so sick—and sold out.

Read more about the platform here and check out their roster of artwork.

Boss Beauties is a project to watch. Their launch will take place on the 25th, and the artwork seems to take cues from (or potentially have some of the same artists?) World of Women, an immensely successful avatar project.

Keep your eyes on the project and tune into the many livestreams they've been doing this week leading up to the drop.

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