September 23rd's NF3 Recap: TIMEPieces, Twitter News and the Heart Project

Today was a big day for the world of Web 3.0. We've still been in a bit of a bear market in the NFT community, but there were a few big moments in the past day or so that signal some immense growth to come. TIME Magazine launched their NFT collection today, which sold out almost instantaneously. Twitter also made some NFT-bullish announcements, so we'll dive into that as well.

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1. TIME Magazine's NFT Collection Sells Out Instantaneously

TIME's collection, which features the work of 40 artists, dropped today at noon ET and sold out seemingly immediately. At the time of writing, the mints are currently revealing, but the floor on OpenSea has already eclipsed 2.5 ETH—pretty good if you consider the .1 ETH mint price, even with the exorbitant gas fees that plagued minters.

The collection, which will hopefully be revealed some time tonight, features the work of legendary NFT photographer Justin Aversano, FVCKRENDER and more big names in the world of NFTs. We'll be keeping our eyes on the resale market.

2. Twitter Announces NFT Authentication Service

There's no exact timeline for the rollout yet, but today Twitter launched their tipping capability, which will allow iOS users to tip creators using Bitcoin. In addition to this massive innovation, they've announced their intent to allow users to verify their ownership over NFTs on the platform. This will certainly be beneficial for collectors wanting to verify their ownership on social media, but it's especially helpful for validating ownership over the digital avatars folks use on their Twitter profiles, an incredibly pervasive trend in NFT communities.

As soon as this service launches, it will become much easier to determine who is using certain avatars for the vibes vs. who actually owns coveted digital avatars. Twitter and Jack Dorsey continue to embrace cryptocurrency and, specifically, the burgeoning world of NFTs and digital collectibles.

3. A Pre-Sale to Watch: The Heart Project

Shoutout 24kGoldn for throwing this one on our radar. Artwork is of course a big part of selecting cool projects, but these avatars also each have so much individual personality, part of which makes them so enticing. Rarity is often one of the biggest factors in identifying strong candidates from avatar projects, but there is also a growing commitment to picking avatars that you quite simply vibe with. And the vibes of the Heart project are off the charts.

The presale is live tonight at 6pm ET through Saturday, and the public sale goes live on Monday. Read more about the project and watch out for the mint on their website.

Other cool stuff:

The world of fashion NFTs is still pretty slept on IMO. Dissrup is a really cool platform launching fashion assets (and other pieces of 3D digital artwork), with the intent to be able to bring these wearables into other metaverses. Their inaugural drop with UV Zhu on the 13th, Acid Pool, was so sick—and sold out.

Read more about the platform here and check out their roster of artwork.

Boss Beauties is a project to watch. Their launch will take place on the 25th, and the artwork seems to take cues from (or potentially have some of the same artists?) World of Women, an immensely successful avatar project.

Keep your eyes on the project and tune into the many livestreams they've been doing this week leading up to the drop.

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