September 14th's NF3 Recap: VeeFriends, Dapper Labs/Google and BAYC

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We usually spread these NF3 stories out a bit, but today was a big day. There was a big announcement in the world of VeeFriends, a huge update from the folks over at Dapper Labs and even some movement from the Bored Ape Yacht Club gang. This and more, today in NF3.

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1. VeeFriends is Heading to Christie's

2. Google and Dapper Labs Team Up

3. The Bored Ape Yacht Club Scavenger Hunt Game

Other cool stuff:

The Worm finally seems to be approaching a major milestone: the Breach.

If you're just learning about it, the Worm NFT is a first of its kind NFT that uses a ‘share to mint’ function. This means you can only get the Worm NFT if someone shares it with you. Created by, The Worm leaves behind a numbered hologram of itself each time it is shared from one holder to another.

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