September 14th's NF3 Recap: VeeFriends, Dapper Labs/Google and BAYC

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We usually spread these NF3 stories out a bit, but today was a big day. There was a big announcement in the world of VeeFriends, a huge update from the folks over at Dapper Labs and even some movement from the Bored Ape Yacht Club gang. This and more, today in NF3.

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1. VeeFriends is Heading to Christie's

We knew about Curio Cards. We knew about Art Blocks. And now, VeeFriends is the latest NFT project getting the auction treatment from Christie's. GaryVee will be consigning 5 of the original hand drawn designs for VeeFriends as part of the legendary auction house's upcoming Post-War to Present show on October 1st. As opposed to some of the other NFT projects that have made appearances at auction houses, this will actually be a collection of the paper drawings that comprise the basis of the VeeFriends NFT collection, authenticated by PSA.

Curio Cards is the first NFT art project on Ethereum; Art Blocks was the first major generative art platform in the game. VeeFriends demonstrated the community-building capabilities of NFT tech. Now all three will appear in the same historic auction.

2. Google and Dapper Labs Team Up

Dapper Labs is most widely-known as the developer behind one of the first mainstream NFT projects in the game, NBA Top Shot. Today, the brand and Google announced a partnership intended to scale the development of Web 3 products and services on the Flow blockchain, the protocol used by Dapper Labs.

This is a huge step for Flow and Dapper Labs, but also signals the continued momentum of the blockchain's integration into the mainstream tech space. While firm details surrounding the partnership are still sparse, a partnership of this scale will put more eyes on the NFT space, and thus get more investors of all levels involved.

3. The Bored Ape Yacht Club Scavenger Hunt Game

Part of what has set the BAYC apart from other avatar projects is the team's ability to continuously build on their IP, creating more and more creative ways to get their collectors involved. The latest such example is their announcement of a scavenger hunt that includes a video game, intended only for BAYC holders.

Back when numerous NFT projects began, "utility" and other supplemental components were always promised. We're now in the period of a lot of projects' roadmaps when we're starting to see these aspects really come to fruition. BAYC is not just a club of collectors; it's a community around an all-encompassing IP. Hopefully we get more info about the game and the scavenger hunt soon, but keep your eyes peeled in the Discord.

Other cool stuff:

The Worm finally seems to be approaching a major milestone: the Breach.

If you're just learning about it, the Worm NFT is a first of its kind NFT that uses a ‘share to mint’ function. This means you can only get the Worm NFT if someone shares it with you. Created by, The Worm leaves behind a numbered hologram of itself each time it is shared from one holder to another.

A few weeks ago, The Worm got sent to the wrong wallet address and ended up getting stuck. In three days time, the team hopes to breach the wallet in order to break The Worm free. Friday can't come fast enough.

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