Stepping into Sneaks, Courtyard's Latest Connected Collectible Concept

Keep them vaulted, sell, or exchange your NFT for a physical pair.


Sneaks is a new concept by Courtyard NFT that enables collectors to buy, sell, and trade physical sneakers on the blockchain. It acts as a new, safe, and efficient way to vault your favorite shoes.

Every month, the team highlights a coveted IRL sneaker from different brands, share its story, and release a limited number of pairs as NFTs on the Ethereum blockchain at market price.

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Dunk Low X UNION Pistachio / Courtyard

The first Sneaks drop took place September 8th and featured the Union Dunk Low as a homage to what the sneaker represents for bridging two worlds together. 

Here's how it works:

The buyer is simultaneously issued a Connected Collectible
NFT complete with an identical 3D rendering of the sneakers to show off virtually (left), while the metadata contains a photo of the corresponding physical pair.

The NFT acts as a digital receipt for proof of ownership and authenticity, and enables the physical asset to be traded on NFT marketplaces like OpenSea without having to be moved or re-authenticated at each sale.

Owners can hold, trade, or at any point, they can burn the NFT to have the physical pair shipped anywhere in the world.

Sneaks brings the experience of collecting sneakers further into the digital era. The technology enable collectors to own and trade coveted IRL sneakers in a new way, without the common frictions of the physical world. Instead of having stacks of boxes cluttering up your room, have peace of mind that part of your collection is safeguarded in the most secure place, ready to be shipped to you at a moment’s notice.

For those who value sneakers as investments, Sneaks unlocks the ability to sell anywhere in the world with the click of a button, rather than deal with the hassle of listing, packaging, and shipping. Or it can simply be a future-forward way to embrace the “one to rock, one to stock” mentality. 

How Secure is it?

Sneaks, through Courtyard, is powered by Brinks. Brinks is the global leader in secure logistics and asset protection.

Through the partnership, Brink's will provide secure storage for all physical goods connected to Courtyard's physically-backed NFTs.

"This partnership between a crypto native startup and a well established security institution opens up a new ecosystem for physically-backed NFTs, which will alleviate the common frictions of trading collectibles in the physical world," says co-founder and CEO of Courtyard, Nicolas LeJeune.

Check out this conversation ONE37pm had with the Sneaks team to learn more:

Stay updated with the Sneaks team through Twitter and its official website.

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