VulcanVerse: An MMORPG Built for the NFT Gaming Future

VulcanVerse / ONE37pm

The development of a digital currency was always going to have an effect on the gaming world. If you can create a currency that the real world can use to trade goods and services then you can also create a currency that gaming worlds can use to buy accessories and trade items. A number of games have now used blockchain technology to enable players to keep the assets they build and own. Usually, that means purchasing virtual real estate, earning rent, renovating land, and selling it in marketplaces. The decentralized ledger gives players the security and stability they need to invest in their properties. When they know that game company can’t just turn off a server and wipe out their ownership, they’re more likely to think long-term.

Often, though, those games have put more emphasis on the blockchain than on the experience. Some developers have experimented with new toys in the form of currencies and marketplaces but thought less about gameplay and graphics.

That’s not what’s happened in VulcanVerse. The game has the same visual impact as any leading MMORPG, and boasts a Greco-Roman world with lore as rich as World of Warcraft. Players can purchase land in four realms, renovate it, and battle with “Vulcanites,” 3D representations of the world’s 2D battlecards. The game is also inspiring a trilogy of novels by Dave Morris and Jamie Thomson, the authors behind the Way of the Tiger series, Fighting Fantasy, and Fabled Lands.

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