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What is World of Women Galaxy M
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The time is WoW! World of Women is officially launching their newest initiative: World of Women Galaxy (WoWG) which will be free to claim for WoW holders (just pay gas).

World of Women Galaxy (WoWG) is the new roadmap for the World of Women NFT project, with some exciting upgrades. The aim of WoWG is to bring WoW to the next level, creating an iconic global brand and making a statement not only in the NFT space but also in the real world through impactful actions and utility.

What is World of Women Galaxy (WoWG)?

World of Women Galaxy NFT

The World of Women Galaxy is the next giant leap for the World of Women NFT project. In fact, they have already exceeded their expectations for their new roadmap. Below you will discover what we know about the WoWG roadmap so far.

With a grant of $25 million from The Sandbox, WoW has big plans to lead and support women into the metaverse using the WoW Foundation. The first portion of their new metaverse is to launch 10,000 3D World of Women avatars.

Also, they are launching the WoW Museum to support and showcase other artists, WoW University, which aims to onboard others into the Web3 space, and WoW Academy which is built for projects and artists to act as an incubator to provide advice, funding, and mentoring.

In addition to all of this, World of Women has signed a major partnership with Reese Witherspoon’s Hello Sunshine, to bring their vision to life. You can expect to see feature films, scripted and unscripted TV series, and even live events. Plus, expect that the WoW holders will be involved every step of the way!

Of course, all of these exciting things to come are just the tip of the iceberg. The WoW community is achieving great things, and there is still much more to come.

So, you’re probably wondering, what about the WoW Galaxy NFT drop? Right…

World of Women Galaxy NFT drop

World of Women Galaxy

By launching this second collection, World of Women aim to welcome more people to the WoW family, at a lower entry point than the original WoW project. Although many perks are exclusive to WoWG owners, information on pricing and more will be revealed soon!

Below is what we know so far regarding the World of Women Galaxy drop:

  • World of Women Galaxy features brand-new art, drawn by Yam Karkai herself
  • WoWG holders will get many exclusive perks
  • 10,000 of WoWG will be reserved for free (+gas) for original WoW holders
  • WoWG holders will own the underlying artwork and all of its IP

How to get on the WoWG allowlist

If you want to collect your own WoWG NFT, there are several ways you can get onto the allowlist (whitelist), including:

Collaborations: WoW has collaborated with other communities to give away spots. You can check who their partners are in their Discord and participate in their giveaways if you're a part of those communities.

Interacting with WoW: WoW is encouraging people to vocalize their support on Twitter or Instagram and tag them so that they can see, in addition to actively engaging with tweets from the WoW account! They are trying to pick a few active supporters on a daily basis!

WoW Family Nominations: WoW has also been picking a handful of nominees from current WoW holders to assign allowlists to. If you're a WoW holder, you can nominate people in the WoW Discord. Please do not spam holders or ask them to nominate you.

World of Women is one of the most innovative NFT projects on the market to date. Now, WoW is taking things a step further with the release of their upgraded World of Women Galaxy. 

The Galaxy ensures that the WoW community is moving in the right direction, and their plan to help others on board in the Web3 space is admirable, to say the least.

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