A Deep Dive into Danny Casale's Coolman's Universe

Coolman's Universe

I had the chance to sit down and talk with a truly special individual. Danny Casale, known affectionately as Coolman's Coffeedan, has become a popular animator on the internet.

A member of Forbes 30 under 30, his massive social media following ranges from kids and grandparents to Gary Vee and Obama. A self-taught creative from New York, Danny has made a living working tirelessly with his creations to be a positive wave in a sea of negativity. 

He is most comparable to a blend of Jim Henson and Carl Sagen. A man with a passion to help others and a deep self-reflection to understand the human condition.

While all of them are meant to be entertaining, many of his animations touch on serious topics. When I asked him if these were based on personal events or what he could see others going through, he thoughtfully laid it out as a bit of both.

Sometimes it’s a topic that speaks to recent events in my life, but it is always something that people can relate to. We are all human and experience similar events throughout our lives. I try to speak my truth as often as possible.

- Danny Casale

That is where Spesh and Coolman's Universe come in, to be a source of optimism in the dark place we call the internet. He created Spesh (short for Special) — a character he views as his everything and is the main character of the Coolman's Universe. A cute creature that could be seen as the Micky Mouse, SpongeBob, or master chief of the story, who is intended to transcend barriers.

Almost like Kermit the frog or Elmo, he is there to reach people of all ages, ethnicities, and creeds to remind them they are special. If you get a chance to hear Coolman's talk about his Universe you get a glimpse into something amazing.

He started dabbling in NFTs last year with a few small projects in the early days. It wasn’t until Danny saw the generative projects take off last summer, he realized the potential.

At that moment he decided to touch thousands of lives and bring them along for the ride. The Coolman's Universe NFT project is what Danny would call a lifelong play. Starting with a ten-year plan of growth and expansion, broken up with quarterly roadmaps. Everything from airdrops to merch to a television show is in the works.

One of the greatest things about the project is Danny’s skill set, his skills enable him to deliver on his project’s promises. He has been a content creator most of his life, choosing to work for free helping musicians in New York with their videos and productions, Dan began the path of selflessness that would bring him to where he is today.

It’s about the character. Not me, the money, or even NFTs.

- Danny Casale

While learning about his recent NFT project, Coolman's Universe, I had the privilege of asking a few personal questions. If given the chance to spend a weekend with any musician, dead or alive, who would it be? He chose Jimi Hendrix.

Though a popular choice for that question, his reason is uniquely Danny. His dad introduced him to Jimi Hendrix's music at an early age, which proved to have had a profound effect.

Leading him to learn an instrument and seek out answers to questions about life. The choice of Jimi would be to have an opportunity to hear the unrecorded thoughts of a brilliant mind. 

A deep thinker himself, Danny Casale believes NFTs are headed towards a future of physical tie-ins. The phrase Phygital has been thrown around the space lately so he may not be too far off. He said he sees a world where you buy a Jacket, and it comes with an NFT that gives you a digital version to use in the metaverse or vice versa.

There are a ton of major companies that are already on the same wavelength as Danny. However, the company he would most like to work with is Nike.

The reason is more of what you want to see from creators and influencers. Danny believes they handle social issues well and would pair up nicely with his style.

Speaking of style, I asked about merchandise, and he said not to worry, Coolman's Universe merch is just around the corner. Thinking for a second, he excitedly remembered a figurine by Yootooz that had sold out recently. He leaped out of the chair to grab it and show me.

Spesh holding a sign that says "UR Special" is priceless. He said it’s meant to sit on your desk and remind you every day that you are special. 

One of the questions that can tell you a lot about someone is how they would spend their perfect day with an unlimited amount of money. Danny took a moment, not to think about an answer but I assume to reflect on the answer that came to mind.

He said it would be to spend it with a group of friends. It wouldn’t matter so much what they are doing, just having the opportunity to be in the company of his friends for the day would be enough. Life gets away from you quickly and those days of just enjoying time with friends and family become fewer as time marches on.

Danny is a wise man in his 20's with a clear view of where he is heading. A surprising admission was that he turned down a franchise deal with Nickelodeon. While he would love to work with them one day, it just wasn’t the right time.

It comes down to Spesh and Coolman's Universe being more than just creations. They are a conduit to speaking his truth and that is more important than money. That is the message to be taken away from all of this.

Author, Artist, and Musician, Danny Casale is without a doubt one of the most chill people on the planet.

He lives up to the name Coolman's Coffedan. His love of life and people is second to none. The overarching desire to brighten just one person’s day is what will help him to leave a legacy that rivals, if not surpasses, many of his heroes.

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