The 15 Best Wireless Earbuds Under $100

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Best Buy, Urbanista

Maybe you're on the hunt for a pair of earbuds that aren't going to break the bank. Perhaps you're one of those individuals that are always losing your earbuds and are looking for a relatively inexpensive replacement. Whatever the case may be, you're here because of two reasons—you're music lover that loves to consume your music by way of earbuds, and you just want to buy some darn earbuds. Let us assist in the matter. While options like the aesthetically-pleasing Nothing Ear 2 fetch a high price, that doesn't mean there aren't great budget options around. From the Raycon Everyday Earbuds ($79.99) to the Apple Airpods 2nd Generation ($99.99), we've tested and rounded up the best wireless earbuds under $100 that you can purchase now, later, as a gift for music lovers for the coming holiday season, or any time that you wish. Whether you are rocking out to your favorite bands (any Metallica heads reading this?) or taking work calls, these get the job done.

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The Best Wireless Earbuds Under $100, at a Glance:

1. Raycon Everyday Earbuds

Screen Shot 2023 08 09 at 10.29.21 AM

Best Overall

  • Battery life: 32 hrs with charging case
  • Noise cancelation: No
  • Water resistance: Yes
  • Notable features: High Fidelity Audio, Vivid Voice Technology, Awareness Mode
  • Pros: Comfortable fit, good battery life, good sound quality
  • Cons: Limited noise cancellation

Raycon's Everyday Earbuds come highly recommended with a relatively easy setup, and some of the most premium audio quality available on the market. Among the list of features that make the sound top notch are the earbud's Vivid Voice Technology, a feature that allows you to make clear and audible phone calls, the Awareness Mode Feature which enables you to hear what's going around you quite easily, and the High Fidelity Audio, which provides the sound and music quality that many reviewers have raved about.

The sound quality of the Raycon was also it's biggest compliment from the recent pair we purchased, and our only major drawback was that sometimes (not all the time) the bluetooth features disconnects easily. That aside, the Everyday Earbud is definitely a bang for your buck product.


2. JLab Go Air Pop True Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds

Screen Shot 2023 08 09 at 10.53.52 AM

Most Affordable Wireless Earbud

  • Battery life: 32 hrs with charging case
  • Noise cancelation: No
  • Water resistance: No
  • Notable features: GO Air POP Feature, EQ3 Sound
  • Pros: Good battery life, small fit, solid sound
  • Cons: Doesn't cancel noise completely and isn't water resistant

Sure the JLab Wireless Earbuds may lack the noise cancellation and water-resistant capabilities of some other earbuds, but at the same time you have to admit that you are getting a lot for the slightly over $20 price tag. There's the GO Air POP feature that allows you over eight hours of playtime in each earbud along with an additional 24 extra hours from the charging case, which means you're getting roughly the same battery life as other earbuds. Then there's the adjustable EQ3 Sound which gives you a range of sound preferences to choose from.

This iteration of the JLab Earbuds gives you sound quality comparable to the big wicks, and for $23, that's about all you can ask for.


3. EarFun Air Pro 3 Noise Cancelling Wireless Earbuds

Screen Shot 2023 08 09 at 11.21.41 AM

Best Noise Cancelling Earbuds

  • Battery life: 7 hrs
  • Noise cancelation: Yes
  • Water resistance: Yes
  • Notable features: Adaptive Audio, Noise Reduction, EarFun Audio App
  • Pros: Noise cancelling, water-repellent, great sound
  • Cons: Designed to be bulky so it may not fit certain ear types

The EarFun Air Earbuds are designed to give you an immersive experience. If you are in an area that's surrounded by a lot of noise and you need to take a meeting (or just want to listen to your music, podcasts, etc.), the earbuds have the ability to reduce noises up to 43dB. That combined with the Qualcomm cVc 8.0 technology the buds come with should give you almost noise interference at all, which is obviously something you should look for the most in noise cancellation is the primary feature you are concerned about. Plus, the EarFun App is a cool feature to have as it allows you make any adjustments you want/need straight from the app.


4. Google Pixel Buds

Screen Shot 2023 08 09 at 11.42.40 AM
Best Buy

Best Tech Savvy Wireless Earbuds

  • Battery life: 5 hrs
  • Noise cancelation: Yes
  • Water resistance: Yes
  • Notable features: Pixel Buds A-Series, Adaptive Audio
  • Pros: High quality sound, noise cancelling
  • Cons: Battery life of only five hours without charging case

Admittedly, the Google Pixel Buds are not the type of earbuds that are going to get you through a full workday without the charging case nearby. If you can get past that element (or are willing to adapt), then these can be a solid pair of earbuds to pickup just for their technical features alone. You've got the addition of the
Pixel Buds A-Series accompanied by 12 mm dynamic speaker drivers to ensure you get the best of the best when it comes to audio. There's also the incorporation of adjustable noise cancellation, and if you are prone to misplacing your buds, you can use the Find My Device app feature to track them down.


5. Jabra Elite 4 True Wireless Headphones

Screen Shot 2023 08 09 at 11.53.01 AM
Best Buy

Best Sounding Earbuds

  • Battery life: 28 hrs with charging case
  • Noise cancelation: Yes
  • Water resistance: Yes
  • Notable features: Multipoint connects to phone or laptop, Four month Amazon Music trial, Four month Sirius XM
  • Pros: Can switch between phone and laptop at the same time, long battery life, rainproof
  • Cons: Seems to only last between one to two years

The Jabra Elite 4 True Wireless Headphones has an adaptable sound that you can take with you to just about any environment. Not saying you should deliberately stand out in the rain while wearing them, but if you just so happen to be caught in bad weather, the earbuds are rainproof and work quite well without disconnecting, static, etc. The security the buds are nice as well—you don't have to worry about them randomly falling out of your ear.

Another feature to write home about is the sound quality as the Jabra Elite has HearThrough technology and four microphones that allows for crystal clear phone calls.


6. JBL Vibe Beam True Wireless Earbuds

Screen Shot 2023 08 09 at 12.08.43 PM
Best Buy

Best Waterproof Earbuds

  • Battery life: 32 hrs with charging case
  • Noise cancelation: No
  • Water resistance: Yes
  • Notable features: VoiceAware, JBL Headphones, Smart Ambient Technology
  • Pros: Extended battery life, ergonomic design, TalkThru feature
  • Cons: Doesn't work as well when using the device for gaming

Ever get the feeling that you might be talking too loud when you're on the phone. The JBL Vibe Beam True Wireless Earbuds eliminate that with their TalkThru feature which allows you to hear yourself as you are talking (and hear how loud you are respectively). On the flip side, the Ambient Aware feature allows you the ability to remain aware of your surrounding as music is playing, which is important. Contrary to popular belief, your music shouldn't drown out everything (especially if you are outdoors), as you need to be able to hear what's going on around you for safety purposes. With the JBL Vibe Beam, you get the best of both worlds.


7. Urbanista Copenhagen Earbuds

Screen Shot 2023 08 09 at 12.32.47 PM

Also Great

  • Battery life: 32 hrs
  • Noise cancelation: Yes
  • Water resistance: Yes
  • Notable features: Voice Assistant Support, Noise-Reducing microphone
  • Pros: Has a noise reducing feature and voice assistant support to walk you through setups, under $60
  • Cons: May not last as long as other models

There's really no complaints when it comes to Urbanista's Copenhagen Earbuds, as the company has the taken the time to craft a product that's worth your investment (which already isn't that much to begin with). You get the standard 32 hours of playtime, the buds aren't super bulky so the chance of discomfort is lessened, Voice Assistant Support is offered to help guide you through the setup process, and there's an accompanying app to personalize your listening experience. One of our favorite earbuds to date.


8. Samsung Galaxy Buds Live True Wireless Earbud

Screen Shot 2023 08 09 at 12.41.24 PM
Best Buy

Best Wireless Earbuds for Sports

  • Battery life: 6 hrs
  • Noise cancelation: Yes
  • Water resistance: Yes
  • Notable features: AKG-tuned 12mm speaker, Active Noise Cancellation
  • Pros: Long battery life, good at blocking out extra noise, has a voice assistant
  • Cons: Wears faster than other ear buds

While a bit on the bulkier side compared to some of the other earbuds we've listed, the AKG-tuned 12mm speaker and enhanced bass tone more than makes up for it with the sound quality. The Samsung Galaxy Buds have a couple of notable features worth pointing out, starting with a built in voice assistant that helps to make your life easier as you can send messages, order food, and more. The 8 hour battery life without charging means that you can make it through most if not all of the work day before needing to top up, and there's noise cancellation if need be.

The controls are easy to use and the setup is relatively easy, so you shouldn't have a hard time at all with getting the buds rockin' and rollin'.


9. Sony Noise Canceling Truly Wireless Earbuds

Screen Shot 2023 08 09 at 2.50.08 PM

Also Great

  • Battery life: 6 hrs
  • Noise cancelation: Yes
  • Water resistance: Yes
  • Notable features: Noise Sensor Technology, Digital Sound Enhancement Engine, ergonomic design
  • Pros: Ability to cancel noise, state-of-the-art sound, comfortable fit
  • Cons: Water-resistant but not full on waterproof

Obviously Sony is going to have a product that gives you state-of-the-art-sound—it's Sony! Their Noise Canceling has a Noise Sensor Technology feature and an Ambient Mode (which you can control with its respective app), and Sony's Digital Sound Enhancement Engine (DSEE) and unique driver means your music is reproduced with more power. Oh, and there's a Wind Noise Reduction Structure that allows people to still hear you clearly (and vice versa) if you are caught in crappy weather.


10. Beats Studio Buds

Screen Shot 2023 08 09 at 3.18.43 PM

Best Wireless Earbuds for Music

  • Battery life: 24 hrs with charging case
  • Noise cancelation: Yes
  • Water resistance: Yes
  • Notable features: IPX4-rated sweat and water resistant 
  • Pros: Ability to cancel noise, great sound, has a smooth fit, charges well
  • Cons: Could run big/small, not the best for taking calls

Who better to get music earbuds from than Beats? Their Studios Buds offers a premium sound that will automatically have you turning on your music (the bass is amazing), and the bluetooth pairing is a simple process as you can easily connect to your Apple and Android's with one touch. Similar to the other buds we have listed, there is an noise control feature that you can power up and down with the simple press of a button, and Beats offers you the option of three different fits (small, medium, or large), that allows you to get as close to the natural shape of your ear as possible. Some say even with the fit options that the earbuds can run small or large, but with out experience the selection of small worked just fine for our ears.


The Best of the Rest:

11. GogoGadgets Wireless BeatBuds X1

Screen Shot 2023 08 09 at 3.28.37 PM
  • Battery life: 18 hrs with charging case
  • Noise cancelation: Yes
  • Water resistance: No
  • Notable features: Beatbuds X1's enhanced audio 
  • Pros: Has stereo speakers built in, easy setup and easy to use, under $60
  • Cons: Lacks total water resistance, runs thicker

Beatbuds has put out quite a few success models recently, and Wireless BeatBuds X1 is an example of their recent successes. The value for the price you're paying is great with the earbuds having true stereo speakers built in and a re-engineered design that produces a more balanced sound output while minimizing sound loss. It's also fairly easy to use and the LCD Battery Display is another helpful feature that allows you to keep track of your battery at all times.


12. Apple Airpods 2nd Generation

Screen Shot 2023 08 09 at 3.36.52 PM
  • Battery life: 24 hrs with charging case
  • Noise cancelation: No
  • Water resistance: No
  • Notable features: Premium Sound 
  • Pros: Great sound, and easy to switch between all Apple Device
  • Cons: Not water-resistant and not noise canceling

Some people hear 2nd Gen when it comes to Apple products and it's automatic no because it isn't the latest version. Not us! Our experience with Apple Airpods has been decent. Obviously with the brand being Apple you're going to get a great technical product with great sound, but we do have to issue a warning that Airpods tend to die out quickly with tons of usage (and loud music). One day it all will be well, and then the next only one of the earbuds are working. That said, if you take care them and have proper expectations, your Airpods should work for quite a while.


13. JBL Endurance Peak 3

Screen Shot 2023 08 09 at 3.46.47 PM

Best Wireless Earbuds for the Gym

  • Battery life: 50 hrs with charging case
  • Noise cancelation: No
  • Water resistance: Yes
  • Notable features: JBL Pure Bass Sound, four microphones
  • Pros: 50 hours of charging total with the case, waterproof, incredible bass
  • Cons: No noise cancelling feature

The JBL Endurance Peak 3 is an impressive pair of earbuds from it's Pure Bass Sound feature which implements a 10mm dynamic driver, all the way to it's ability to sit in water for roughly 30 minutes. The four microphones built in makes this one of JBL's best in terms of sound quality, and our only issue is the fact that isn't totally noise-resistant. There is, however, an Ambient Feature that makes it easier to take calls and hear the folks you are talking to when about and about.


14. Skullcandy Dime 2 In-Ear Wireless Earbuds

Screen Shot 2023 08 09 at 3.59.00 PM
  • Battery life: 3.5 hrs
  • Noise cancelation: No
  • Water resistance: Yes
  • Notable features: Supreme audio
  • Pros: Waterproof, affordable, great sound
  • Cons: Very small battery window

If you are specifically looking to keep your spending down to under $50, then Skullcandy's Dime 2 Earbuds are a good option. With the $25 price you have to understand that you going to get certain features like active noise cancellation and voice assistance, but if you are looking for earbuds to wear just around the house, or to get you from point a to point b, then the Dime 2 does the trick. The buds are lightweight, fit well, and has a supreme audio that electrifies the bass. The battery life gives you about 3.5 hours before you'll need to charge, so that keep that in mind as well.


15. Sennheiser SPORT True Wireless

Screen Shot 2023 08 09 at 4.08.36 PM

Best Earbuds for Traveling

  • Battery life: 9 hrs
  • Noise cancelation: No
  • Water resistance: Yes
  • Notable features: TrueResponse dynamic driver, TrueResponse, Bass Boost
  • Pros: Durable battery, comfortable fit, has a smart control app to control function
  • Cons: Isn't noise-resistant

The Sennheisr SPORT Wireless Earbuds are a straight to the point no-frills earbuds that has a surprisingly decent sound thank to its TrueResponse 7mm dynamic driver. The earbuds also come with three different sizes of silicone ear tips that allow for a customizable and comfortable fit, and there's a Sennheiser Smart Control app available for both Apple and Android devices where you can choose to make adjustments as well. Interesting enough, these earbuds are also sweatproof too, in case that was a concern.


How to choose wireless earbuds:

Sound quality: Whether you are using your buds for music listening, communicating, or both, the sound quality is important. Most brands have their own individual audio systems built in that allow for great sound. If how music sounds is of the utmost importance to you, then make sure you pay attention as to whether or not the buds contains a dynamic driver as that what factors into how powerful the bass is. Earbuds with ambient noise features and wind control are also good options to consider if you are constantly in noisy/outdoor environments.

Mobility: Mobility is just another way of saying can you take the earbuds with you. Yes you can. In fact, the problem with most people is that the cases are too small, or they lose the case altogether, which then paves the way to losing your earbuds.

Battery life: Different earbuds have different battery lives without their charging cases. Some can go roughly 8 hours, while others are as short as 3 hours. You'll want to pay attention the battery life with and without the charger before purchasing.

Comfort and fit: In general, bulkier earbuds aren't as comfortable/don't fit as well for those with smaller ears and eardrums, whereas earbuds that are too small/narrow don't always work for those with larger ears/ear drums so keep in that mind as you are browsing. Some earbuds come with a package of adjustable ear tips as well which can be helpful. We've included a few of those on this list for you to consider.

Bluetooth range: The Bluetooth factor is an important consideration as well. How far it can take you and how weather-reactant the bluetooth/earbuds are is an element that you should prioritize if you plan on leaving the house with your buds a lot.

How we made our selections for the best wireless earbuds under $100:

Our experts and product testers here at ONE37pm have tested dozens of different earbuds and headphones over the years, which is something we kept top of mind with our selections. We're also aware, however, that not everybody has had the same individual experiences that we've had, so we made sure to review customer feedback as well before making our final decisions. We evaluated different factors such as sound quality,  noise-canceling capabilities, battery life, and even smaller details such as whether or not the earbuds had voice assistance included. We made the ultimate decision to keep this list to $100 and under for those looking for an inexpensive option.

FAQs about wireless earbuds under $100:

How should earbuds fit?

Earbuds should be a comfortable fit for your ear. Earbuds that are sized average/in the middle tend to work best as they aren't too big and aren't too small.

What is active noise cancellation?

Active noise control is essentially noise cancelling/reducing components. It works by introducing a secondary sound that basically cancels out background and unwanted noises.

Do cheap earbuds sound good?

While you might not get the sound of a surround sound home theater in your ear, cheap earbuds do indeed sound good as many have great sound devices built in. Earbuds have come a long way, and you can rest assured these current models aren't the earbuds of 2013.

Do cheap earbuds work well for voice calls?

Some cheaper earbuds work well for voice calls, while other do not. The ones we've included on this list do work adequately for voice calls. As for the ones that aren't on here, you'll want to research and read reviews that specifically address the voice call element.

What's the biggest difference between earbuds under $100 and more expensive pairs?

The biggest difference between earbuds under $100 and more expensive pairs is the durability. With most under $100 earbuds, you can expect the lifespan to be about a year (perhaps two). With the more expensive pairs you can easily get about three or more.

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