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Virgil Abloh: a man, a legend. Let’s do a quick recap for the uninitiated. After cutting his teeth as Kanye West’s creative director and making a name for himself, Abloh started the universally acclaimed label Off-White, which, in short, ushered in the era of streetwear as a part of the luxury high fashion vernacular. The aesthetic he pioneered became worn and coveted by the style elite, not just the kids lining up for the next Supreme drop.

Abloh has since racked up the collabs, was appointed creative director of menswear at Louis Vuitton, made harnesses a thing and is in the midst of his first solo art exhibit at the Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago. Fun fact: He’s also a trained architect. 

A renaissance man? We think yes.

But just like the rest of the world, the multi-hyphenate, multi-talent also cultivates his image on Instagram, where he allows fans a peek into his fascinating psyche. He, too, is aware that we live in extreme visual times and that the app serves as a celebrity’s perma press release.

But for the cerebral Abloh, his account is also a reflection of his approach. And going by the brief breakdown of his achievements above, any insight into his process could serve as a lesson in grind for any aspirational overachiever. 

We studied his profile and took away five incredibly valuable lessons that could help anyone (aka you) reshape how they think to start racking up the accolades.

1. It's the journey, not the destination

Sure, your goals are what you strive toward. But once you reach them, you make new goals, applying what you learned achieving the first ones to do things even better moving forward. It’s always great to cross the finish line and see the results of what you’ve been toiling at, but the actual work and methods are just as important, if not more. It’s when you’re literally doing things, making shit happen, learning—the final destination is the mere conclusion. 

Taking pleasure in the journey, no matter how hard, is ultimately what’s most fulfilling and what can allow you to get to the next level. As per Abloh’s wisdom, document the process so you can reflect on how you made everything happen.

2. You are who you surround yourself with

Hate to break it to you, but no one can go it alone, not even Abloh Almighty. But that’s OK, great even. Knowing who to tap to help you execute your vision with their complementary skill sets is actually how you’ll be the best at what you do. Be collaborative, elevate your people, give credit where it’s due and crush the game.

3. Color is king

On an aesthetic note, things are not just off-white, they're pretty colorful. Abloh’s Instagram profile teaches us to embrace brights, as he peppers punchy tones on everything from beautiful editorial fashion to poppin' kicks and bespoke Louis Vuitton store facades. Basically, muted hues are all fine and good, but don’t fear color—it’s pretty dope.

4. Let your creativity fly

Sometimes the wildest ideas are the best ideas, and allowing yourself to explore your creativity will yield seismic innovations. Abloh’s Instagram reminds us to unapologetically pursue what makes us tick for greater self-realization.

5. Celebrate your successes

What’s success without a pinch of humblebrag? While maintaining focus on the craft and unpretentiously honoring those who help you along the way, ain’t no harm in reminding the world that all that hard work has led to acclaim and allow yourself to bask in it for a moment, #thankyouverymuch.

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