The 15 Best Al Pacino Movies to Watch Right Now

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So, you're wondering what the best Al Pacino movies of all-time are? Let's talk about it!

One of the most legendary and critically acclaimed actors of all time, Al Pacino has come to be regarded as among the very best in cinematic history. His filmography has some of the best films ever created, and a lot of those movies' success has to do with Pacino's performances in them.

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From Scarface to Scent of a Woman, Pacino's range is seemingly limitless and he has shown that he has the ability to play practically any character. Listing out his best films is nearly impossible but we took a shot at it anyway, just as we did with these lists of the 40 Best Movies of the 2000's and Best Leonardo DiCaprio Movies!

Here are our picks for the 15 Best Al Pacino movies you should watch right now.

15. '...And Justice for All'

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14. 'Glengarry Glen Ross'

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13. 'Insomnia'

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12. 'Any Given Sunday'

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11. 'The Irishman'

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10. 'Donnie Brasco'

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9. 'Heat'

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8. 'Scent of a Woman'

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7. 'Carlito's Way'

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6. 'Dog Day Afternoon'

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5. 'Serpico'

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4. 'The Godfather Part III'

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3. 'The Godfather: Part II'

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2. 'The Godfather'

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1. 'Scarface'

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