The 22 Best Leonardo DiCaprio Movies, Ranked

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So, you're wondering what the best Leonardo DiCaprio movies are? Let's get in to it!

Leonardo DiCaprio, the versatile and charismatic actor, has graced the silver screen for decades, captivating audiences with his incredible talent and undeniable charm. From his early days as a child actor to his current status as one of Hollywood's most celebrated leading men, DiCaprio has left an indelible mark on the world of cinema.

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Today, we embark on a journey through his illustrious career, exploring the best Leonardo DiCaprio movies that have made him a household name and an icon in the world of film. Join us as we revisit Leonardo DiCaprios unforgettable roles from Martin Scorcese classics to Christopher Nolan mind benders.

22. Marvins Room

21. Revolutionary Road

20. The Beach

19. Body of Lies

18. The Man in the Iron Mask

17. J. Edgar

16. The Great Gatsby

15. Blood Diamond

14. Gangs of New York

13. Romeo + Juliet

12. The Revenant

11. The Wolf of Wall Street

10. The Basketball Diaries

9. Once Upon A Time In Hollywood

8. The Aviator

7. Django Unchained

6. Titanic

5. What's Eating Gilbert Grape

4. Shutter Island

3. Inception

2. Catch Me If You Can

1. The Departed

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