The 16 Best Martin Scorsese Movies, Ranked

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So you're wondering what the best Martin Scorsese movies are? Let's get in to it!

In the illustrious tapestry of American cinema, few names shine as brightly as that of Martin Scorsese. With a career spanning over half a century, Scorsese has not only left an indelible mark on the world of filmmaking, but has influenced an entire generation of filmmakers. His films, marked by their unflinching exploration of the human condition, their memorable recurring characters like Leonardo DiCaprio, and their masterful direction, have earned him a place among the greatest directors of all-time, and if you want to learn more about some great emerging female directors, click here. Today, we put an end to the debate on what is the best Martin Scorsese movie.

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In this article, we embark on a cinematic journey through the annals of Martin Scorsese's prolific career. We will delve into the timeless classics, the unforgettable characters, and the groundbreaking techniques that have made Scorsese's films a cornerstone of cinematic excellence. From the gritty streets of New York City to the glitzy world of Hollywood,

Here are the 15 best Martin Scorsese movies, ranked.

16. The Last Temptation of Christ

15. 'After Hours'

14. 'The King of Comedy'

13. 'Hugo'

12. 'Casino'

11. 'Gangs of New York'

10. 'Shutter Island'

9. 'The Color of Money'

8. 'Mean Streets'

7. 'Taxi Driver'

6. 'The Irishman'

5. 'The Wolf of Wall Street'

4. 'Goodfellas

3. 'Silence'

2. 'Raging Bull'

1. 'The Departed'

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