These Are The 20 Best Dispensaries in Seattle

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Six years ago, Washington was the second state in the United States, after Colorado, to authorize the sale and use of recreational cannabis. 

Since then, Seattle has grown into one of the biggest hubs in the cannabis industry, not just in Washington but in the world. Tourists come from all around the world to participate in the cannabis culture. Every year, the Emerald City hosts HempFest, the largest hemp festival in the world. According to an April 2019 article on Thrillist, over 516 retailers in Washington State spent over $1 billion on flowers, edibles, concentrates, and other products. 

We here at ONE37pm decided to name the Top 20 cannabis shops in the Seattle area that you should check out the next time you’re in the area.

1. Clutch Cannabis in Seattle

2. Evergreen Market - North Renton

3. Uncle Ike's Capitol Hill Marijuana Dispensary

4. Have a Heart | Recreational Cannabis Dispensary in Skyway

5. Shawn Kemp's Cannabis Dispensary in Seattle

6. Origins Cannabis West Seattle Marijuana Dispensary

7. Pot Shop on Dexter Ave

8. The West Seattle Marijuana Store

9. Dockside Cannabis Recreational Dispensary - SODO

10. Ganja Goddess Cannabis Shop in Seattle

11. Green Fire Cannabis in Seattle

12. Kush21 Premium Recreational Cannabis in Burien, Washington

13. The Reef Cannabis Capitol Hill, Seattle

14. American Mary in Ballard

15. Mr. O.G. in White Center South Seattle.

16. Ruckus Recreational Marijuana On Capitol Hill

17. Ponder Cannabis Shop Seattle, Washington

18. The Bakeréé- Georgetown

19. The Novel Tree Bellevue, Washington

20. Higher Leaf Marijuana Kirkland

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