7 Black-Owned Cannabis Businesses to Fuel Your Next High

Give back to the least represented community in cannabis

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From Snoop Dogg to Whoopi Goldberg and all the cannabis mentions in hip-hop music, the culture around cannabis consumption is diverse and cultural, but the legal industry doesn’t equate. It is a fact that white and Black people use cannabis at the same rate, yet police target people of color at higher rates, leading them to be stigmatized by society and left out of the cannabis business since its big boom after recreational legalization. With all things considered, the cannabis industry needs more support than ever by consumers to help level out the playing field. Whether you prefer to smoke, vape or snack on edibles, there is a Black-owned business that can tend to your needs. Here at ONE37pm, we picked seven of our favorite cannabis businesses to fuel your next high.

1. Viola

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Founded by NBA alum Al Harrington, Viola is your next stop for all things smoking. From extracts to flowers and vapes, the booming company has multiple locations—Colorado, Oregon, Michigan and California—and won’t break your bank. Viola is socially aware and progressive in that its mission is to promote “social equity by increasing minority participation in the cannabis industry” and positively impact “communities by reinvesting into the most affected by the war on drugs.” Soon, Viola products will be available to consumers in Arizona and Nevada, as the company has noted on its website plans for expansion in 2020.

2. Blunts and Moore

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Blunts and Moore

Blunts and Moore stands apart from other cannabis companies because it was the first Black-owned retailer to open when the city of Oakland, California, implemented a social equity program. Founded by Alphonso Blunt and Brittany Moore, the dispensary has an extensive menu of popular brands like Cookies, 3 Bros and of course, their own Blunts and Moore offerings. From premium flower to pre-rolls and edibles and vaporizers, cannabis lovers can find a plethora of items to add to their cart when shopping at the Oakland dispensary in-person or online.

3. SimplyPure

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Notable as the first Black woman-owned dispensary to open in Denver, SimplyPure was founded by Wanda James and Scott Durrah in 2010. The company sells vegan edibles, flowers and CBD, and also has been recognized as Best Flavor Champion at Colorado’s 2018 Grow Off Competition. SimplyPure’s recreational menu is filled with a variety of options like elixir sparkling drinks and salted cookies and cream edibles. Additionally, the brand sells lighters, bubblers, grinders and more. Whether you’re in the market for your next fruit-flavored pre-roll or a CBD-infused topical, this Black-owned cannabis brand’s got it in stock.

4. Apothecarry

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Apothecarry is an Indo Lifestyle brand that prides itself on producing high-quality cannabis products for the modern smoker. CEO Whitney Beatty founded the company in 2015 after using cannabis to combat her anxiety disorder and saw a business opportunity. The company’s mission involves “redefining the image of users who take pride and pleasure in their stash.” No longer do you have to carry your hash around in a used mason jar or zip lock baggie. Apothecarry wants you to consume in style, from password-enabled travel cases to gold stainless steel chopsticks.

5. Botaniq

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Botaniq specializes in premium cannabis products through growing its own plants and partnering with local farms. Located in Detroit, the cannabis company was founded by local TV anchor Anqunette Sarfoh after she was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis and opted for cannabis therapy. The brand is sustainable and environmentally friendly in that it uses systems designed to increase energy efficiency, conserve water and reduce its carbon footprint. Shop safe and bio-organic products through this Black-owned cannabis business that focuses on elevating and educating consumers.

6. RoyalCanna

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With a mission statement that includes “high quality,” “cost efficient” and “core values of customer service, care, integrity and community outreach,” RoyalCanna should be your next stop for all things cannabis. With a range of hemp flowers and edibles, including Gelato CBD, Peach Rings and Sour Bears, the brand is sure to light your high and settle your sweet tooth.

7. Supernova Women

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Supernova Women

While Supernova Women doesn’t sell any retail cannabis products, the brand hosts workshops and series for people of color looking to start a business or get involved in the cannabis space. The community offers three courses: The Shades of Green Series, Cannabis Business Workshops and Ex-Offender Advocacy and Education. Founded in 2015, Supernova Women works toward representation for women and people of color, those who are often left out of business opportunities, to become self-sufficient shareholders in the cannabis economy. With a mission “to foster community empowerment through holistic education, advocacy training and skills acquisition,” this is a brand worth supporting and getting involved this year.

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