The 12 Best 'One-Punch Man' Characters, Ranked

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One of the funniest, most action-packed manga/anime properties on the scene today revolves around a superhero that can take his foes out with a single punch. And along the way, he interacts with his fellow saviors to indulge in some hilarious endeavors and save the world from all sorts of dangerous threats. One-Punch Man migrated from Japan to the States in 2015 and managed to become a smash hit shortly after its arrival. Saitama and the rest of the gang have fast become fan favorites and inspired anime diehards everywhere to cosplay them & showcase other methods of avid character appreciation. We’ve watched the anime from front to back and are now ready to rank the show’s most prominent personalities. This is our definitive list of the 12 best One-Punch Man characters.

12. King

When King first came into the picture, we were told that his status as a superhero is legendary - the Hero Association even deemed him as one of the most fearsome beings on Earth. So much so that his mere presence sends his foes running. In reality, King is just a super chill dude who’s a beast in video games and happens to be the luckiest individuals on the planet. That’s kind of amazing, right? We relate to King so much and love the fact that he’s managed to keep up a front for so long.

11. Puri-Puri Prisoner

Imagine running into this fabulous brute and having to defend yourself against his...well, “unorthodox” offense. Puri-Puri Prisoner is one of the more flamboyant heroes that exist within the One-Punch Man universe. And for that reason alone, we appreciate him so much. Villains have made the mistake of underestimating him and have ended up catching a nude beatdown courtesy of Puri-Puri Prisoner’s “Angel” fighting style. Puri-Puri Prisoner is strong, fly, and full of love. You just couldn’t ask for a better guy.

10. Mumen Rider

He rides a bike and chooses to deliver damage to evil-doers with pure justice backing up his blows. Mumen Rider may not have the superheroic strength his peers have, but he still stands firm and fights the good fight whenever duty calls. His commendable heroism and never-say-die attitude were certainly on full display when he threw himself in front of the Deep Sea King even though he was no match for him. Mumen Rider’s bravery and sweet armor setup inspire us to do right in our everyday lives and ride our bikes like a true boss.

9. Tanktop Master

Who knew the tank top could be such a conduit for immense strength? After witnessing the Tank Topper Army put in work against the baddies they’ve come across, we found out just how integral that simple piece of clothing could be. The leader of that crew is our favorite member and he’s simply known as Tanktop Master. His chivalry is inspiring and has instilled in us a strong sense of humility. He’s certainly taken his fair share of lumps, but we still have the utmost respect for Tanktop Master.

8. Metal Bat

His superhero title is straightforward, which is something you gotta admire. The dude walks around with a metal bat and beats the breaks off of villains that threaten the peace of the world he inhabits. Simple! Metal Bat doesn’t care how severe the threat is - he’ll come in swinging and go for the W before anything else. Remember how bad he beat down Rafflesidon and Senior Centipede? After watching that assault take place, we gained even more respect for the one and only Metal Bat. He gets extra points for his strong fashion sense, that’s for sure.

7. Sonic

You can never go wrong with ninjas. The cool factor that particular line of warriors exudes is top-tier and their mastery of assassination techniques is awe-inspiring. One-Punch Man has a ninja of its own and his sense of speed is next level. Sonic is the stealthy mastermind we’re alluding to here and we can’t get enough of him. He’s gotten himself embroiled in some of the best fights in the series (him vs. Saitama and the Deep Sea King, for instance) and is always on the path to gaining more power in a bid to defeat the anime’s titular hero. Side note - the mud butt Sonic got from eating a fully cooked Monster Cell was just too damn funny!

6. Fubuki

Fubuki may be the weaker part of the Psychic Sisters duo, but that doesn’t make her any less of a hero. She’s a major boss who does everything in her power to maintain her position as the most fearsome B-Class hero. She leads her own stable (the Blizzard Group), dresses immaculately, and also has a few psychokinesis tricks up her sleeve when it comes time to dish out some damage. We appreciate Fubuki for taking charge of her destiny and building a clique around her in a bid to stand apart from her much stronger sibling.

5. Tatsumaki

One-Punch Man’s “Tornado of Terror” knows she’s above everyone else and she takes every opportunity to make that sentiment clear. And honestly, you can’t fault her for that - Tatsumaki’s overwhelming power puts her a step above most heroes and villains. Watching her tap into her psychokinesis-based abilities mid-battle provided One-Punch Man with some of its finest highlights thus far. Here’s hoping she gets even more chances to tear up some baddies and be a total jerk to her fellow heroes. Tatsumaki’s drip might not measure up to her sister’s, but she still looks quite fashionable in her own right.

4. Bang

We’re not the only ones that think Bang totally looks like Heihachi from Tekken, right? Okay, just checking. Anyways, One-Punch Man’s incredibly powerful “Silver Fang” is an amazing martial artist that’s mastered the art of the Water Stream Rock Smashing Fist. Every time Bang pulls up to the scene, you just know he’s about to destroy whoever’s in his way. Bang has amazed us on multiple occasions - his battles against Garou, the Elder Centipede, and Melzargard are simply the stuff of legend.

3. Garou

Garou was pretty much the main focus of One-Punch Man’s second season and ended up becoming one of the show’s best combatants by the time it wrapped up. His reasoning for becoming the “Hero Hunter” is completely understandable, which is why we weren’t too mad at him every time he chose to go on a rampage against do-gooders. As a former Bang disciple, Garou ends up using his brand of martial arts to beat the ever-loving you know what out of his adversaries. Watching Garou take down eight heroes all by his lonesome was one of the dopest scenes we’ve ever seen from this show.

2. Genos

Saitama’s right-hand man is the all-powerful “Demon Cyborg” that makes it his mission to get stronger at every cost. Genos is a super badass that always steps up to save the world and upholds his many duties as a member of the Hero Association. We revere Genos for his super-serious personality, which is at odds with Saitama’s carefree vibes (their moments of dialogue were pure hilarity during the show’s first season). Genos is one of the greatest cyborgs in anime history and a constant highlight from the show.

1. Saitama

How could we not place our guy Saitama at the #1 spot? The show is pretty much named after the guy, for God’s sake! Saitama’s unassuming appearance betrays his unbelievable strength, which is put on display when he vanquishes the most intimidating villains with a single punch. We love the dude for being super chill - his nonchalant attitude during super serious situations has produced plenty of laugh-out-loud moments. The One-Punch Man himself has quickly become one of the greatest characters in anime history and someone that we could totally see go toe to toe with Goku of all people!

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