The 12 Best 'One-Punch Man' Characters, Ranked

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One of the funniest, most action-packed manga/anime properties on the scene today revolves around a superhero that can take his foes out with a single punch. And along the way, he interacts with his fellow saviors to indulge in some hilarious endeavors and save the world from all sorts of dangerous threats. One-Punch Man migrated from Japan to the States in 2015 and managed to become a smash hit shortly after its arrival. Saitama and the rest of the gang have fast become fan favorites and inspired anime diehards everywhere to cosplay them & showcase other methods of avid character appreciation. We’ve watched the anime from front to back and are now ready to rank the show’s most prominent personalities. This is our definitive list of the 12 best One-Punch Man characters.

12. King

11. Puri-Puri Prisoner

10. Mumen Rider

9. Tanktop Master

8. Metal Bat

7. Sonic

6. Fubuki

5. Tatsumaki

4. Bang

3. Garou

2. Genos

1. Saitama

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