The Funniest 15 SNL Character Breaks of All Time

Their laughter will make you laugh

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If you're reading this, then you know exactly how Saturday Night Live aka SNL worksyou've got a series of skits/sketches (which sometimes are in the form of a cold open/monologue), and everybody else gets to laugh except the actors that are performing said skit. Sometimes, however, it is simply impossible for the actors to not break character and laugh as well, and in our opinion, when that happens it makes the sketch even funnier. One actor starts laughing which leads to the rest laughing and it's golden. Over the years, SNL's character breaks have become just as iconic and hilarious as the skits where they didn't break character, and we're going to look at the best SNL character breaks of all time.

When you have a show that's been around as long as Saturday Night Live has, it's hard to roundup, well, anything. We're going to give it a shot though, and it is our hope that it can give you the laughter needed to have a good day (or turn your day around if it isn't going so well).

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1. "Van Down By The River" - 5/8/93

2. "The Love-ahs With Barbara And Dave" - 10/13/01

3. Pedro Pascal - "Lisa From Temecula" 2/4/23

4. "Extremely Stupid" -12/11/1976

5. "Career Day" - 9/30/18

6. Chris Pine - "Star Trek Lost Episode" - 9/6/17

7. "Close Encounter" - 12/6/15

8. "Another Close Encounter" - 9/30/2017

9. "Debbie Downer Disney World" - 5/1/04

10. "Jeffrey's with Sean Hayes" - 2/17/01

11. "Californian's Sketch" - 4/4/12

12. "Hollywood Dish With Scarlett Johansson" - 11/13/10

13. "Scared Straight" - 3/3/12

14. "New Orleans Vacation" - 1/26/19

15. "Super Showcase Spokesmodels" - 2/18/12

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