'Blue Beetle' Post-Credit Scene Explained: Will There Be a 'Blue Beetle 2'?

What does Blue Beetle look like in the future of DCU?

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There's a new movie in town this weekend, and it's called Blue Beetle. The latest in the DCU lineup, Blue Beetle is a film has been anticipated for a while as one of the movies to look forward to this summer, and while there continues to be a lot of hype surrounding Barbenheimer, which officially kicked off a month ago (in particular with Barbie), early returns are showing Blue Beetle is going to be capable of holding its own against its competitors. If you're reading this, we're assuming that you've already seen the film, or that you walked out before checking to see if there was going to be a mid or post-credit scene first. If you don't fall into these two categories we have a message:

There will be spoiler alerts. We repeat, there will be spoiler alerts.

Now that we have that established, let's revisit what we just watched and how it can potentially set things up for the future.

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What is 'Blue Beetle' about?

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After some back and forth about when/how Blue Beetle was going to make it's entrance to the world (the film was originally scheduled for a release on Max), it was finally decided that we would get Blue Beetle where it belonged—which is in a theater. Starring Xolo Maridueña as the titular character Jaime Reyes who gets superpowers thanks to an alien biotechnology called the Scarab, Blue Beetle is a whirlwind adventure into the superhero life of Blue Beetle and the fight for greater good.

Does 'Blue Beetle' have a post-credit scene?

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DC spoils us by giving us not just a mid-credit scene, but a post-credit scene as well, which continues to be an on-going theme in cinematic universes that has even expanded beyond that in various franchises or specific films were there could be a potential sequel. Let's start with the mid-credits scene in Blue Beetle as it has a way of teasing what we could see in the future should those sequels get the official green light.

For those unaware of the Blue Beetle comics, there's three different guys who have had the role as the superhero—Dan Garrett, Ted Kord, and Jamie Reyes. The second Blue Beetle, Ted Kord, was previously thought to no longer be alive, but we get confirmation in the film that he is indeed still around. In the mid-credits scene, we see the surrounding beetlenest of Kord, and a message being delivered through a computer. The sender of the message makes it clear that this is a message that is supposed to be delivered to Kord's daughter Jennifer, and ends with the confirmation that Ted Kord is indeed alive (they literally say it).

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The post-credit scene actually doesn't have anything to do with what may happen in the future with Blue Beetle, but it's still something you should stick around for as it spotlights El Chapulín Colorado, the antagonistic version of a superhero known for his silliness. El Chapulín Colorado was a Mexican comedy series created by Roberto Mario Gómez Bolaños that ran from 1973 to 1979, and if you recall, the character was referenced early in Blue Beetle. Very fun.

Is there a 'Blue Beetle' sequel planned?

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According to Yahoo UK, the plan is for Blue Beetle to be a trilogy with director Angel Manuel Soto telling the publication: "I don't think I would be here talking with you if I didn't think that way. The way the machine works, the [first] movie needs to make money for them to put more money in, but for us, we've always seen it that way. We love the story so much. We believe in the product so much. We believe in an actor so much. We couldn't help but think about where his journey was going to go while we were creating this film."

So if a part two is green lit, where could the storyline go? If the mid-credit scene is any indication, then the realization of Ted Kord being alive seems to be a potential direction a second film could go. In fact, there could be an entire movie based on tracking down his whereabouts with some sort of linkup between him and Jayme occurring where they wind up working together.

What is the current box office projection of 'Blue Beetle?'

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As per Deadline, Blue Beetle is set to open this weekend with with a $28M to $32M box office revenue, which means it will halt Barbie's three weekend streak. We'll have to see how the final numbers play out over the course of these next few weeks.

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