The Director of ‘Top Gun: Maverick’ Just Produced an Action Short for BMW

When it comes to being a cultural institution, BMW is much more than just a luxury car manufacturer. In fact, the brand is always striving to find new ways to showcase its iconic vehicles. Most recently, BMW’s tradition of film excellence was pushed to new limits in a thrilling short film that will have you feeling strangely calm in the midst of extreme stress—thanks to the exquisite power of the all-new BMW i7 M70, of course.

BMW Films Presents: 'THE CALM'

BMW Final Final 12
Director Sam Hargrave on set / BMW

From executive producer Joseph Kosinski—who helmed the recent blockbuster Top Gun: Maverick—and director Sam Hargrave, THE CALM is the latest installment of the BMW Films series. Pom Klementieff stars as a perplexing passenger whose motives are unknown, but whose mission is of the utmost importance.

The fierce backseat rider is faced with a series of obstacles that each attempt to malfunction her mission. But despite it all, the agent ends up at the Hotel Martinez in Cannes, where she meets an equally mysterious woman, played by Uma Thurman.


Throughout the suspenseful action that leaves the viewer questioning what comes next, a comforting sense of calmness prevails. While chaos ensues inside the vehicle, its steadfast features never fail. The BMW i7 M70’s electric capabilities maintain a cool and collected ride with features that cater to the driver's every need—even if that means helping fight off any attempted sabotage.

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BMW Films' mesmerizing cinematic history can be traced back to “The Hire,” a series of eight shorts filmed and produced in 2001 and 2002. The nail-biting series starred Clive Owen and was directed by a handful of legendary names—from Ang Lee to Alejandro González Iñárritu to Wong Kar-wai.

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In their latest short, you can see the BMW i7 M70 is equipped to handle any terrain, any obstacle and any challenge put in its way. As THE CALM masterfully depicts, the i7 M70 boasts some incredible electric power, making even a high throttle drive a smooth and calm experience.

Ready to see it in action? Watch THE CALM and enjoy the ride.

Watch 'THE CALM' Here