The BMW iX Is Taking These TikTokers on the Road in Style

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Tiktok: @milesabovetech / @danimariethatsme

Electric vehicles are compelling for a myriad of reasons. They're good for the environment, the charging can be exceptionally convenient, and they can help you save money on gas, to name a few. But all that said, one universal thing is certain: BMW's EVs are just plain cool. And lucky for us, they're part of their Summer On Sales Event, happening right now.

The BMW iX and i4 demonstrate the fullest potential of electric vehicles, mixing the latest technology and pragmatic features to create a totally impressive aesthetic—resulting in a car that would feel at home in the most futuristic of sci-fi novels.

We took to TikTok to see the BMW iX in action, courtesy of some of our favorite creators. Check it out.

The BMW iX features some technology you might never have seen before. Take, for example, the intelligent kidney grill, "which means it can repair damage when exposed to heat," according to mom, tech guru and test-driver @danimariethatsme. The car also boasts self-cleaning cameras and an electrochromic glass roof that changes in transparency, evolving the potential of sun roofs.

Not only is it super comfortable, she points out, but the iX can go from 0 to 60 in as quick as 3.6 seconds and gets up to 300 miles per range. Plus, with DC fast charging, you can get up to 90 miles in as little as 10 minutes. All that and the spacious backseat and trunk makes it perfect for families too.

It's as luxurious as you can get.

- @milesabovetech

When @milesabovetech checked out the iX, he had similar praise for its unique futuristic appeal. "It's as luxurious as you can get," he beams, before going on to list the features that make it such a delight to drive—and look at.

The iX features hand-gesture recognition to control the display, a dual-curved screen and massaging seats. That, coupled with the 516 horsepower engine and the "prolific use of lightweight materials throughout the car" make sitting behind the wheel—and driving it—an incredible experience.

Miles is left in awe, concluding after his test-drive: "I gotta say, BMW actually makes a really good electric car, and if you're interested in electric cars, you should definitely go try it out."

So if you are ready to find out more about BMW’s electric options and the Summer On Sales Event offers available to you, head over to their site now.