"The Book of Boba Fett" Finale Recap: 'In the Name of Honor"

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We're quickly thrown into things with this season finale, as there's quite a bit of ground to be covered given the past two episodes' Mandalorian arc.

It looks like Garsa Fwip and our other beloved cantina pals didn't survive the Pyke's blast (the word's still out on our guy, Max Rebo.) After Drash and Skad convince Boba Fett to stay at the cantina instead of hiding out at the Palace, Fett, Fennec Shand, and Mando agree to set up shop there and make it their war base.

We're greeted by Cad Bane once again, who heads over to Mayor Mok Shaiz and the main Pyke in charge to announce that he has killed Cobb Vanth. After Shaiz asks if Fett has any more reinforcements, it's revealed that the Pykes were responsible for killing the Tusken Raiders, not the biker gang. Apparently, Shaiz was also unaware of the cantina bombing and just wants all of the conflict to be over with. However, things are more complicated than that, Mr. Mayor.

A huge welcome back to Peli Motto, who's gathering up her pit droids to greet whoever's inside the X-Wing that's currently landing outside of her shop. She immediately starts apologizing for the expiration of her New Republic certification seal assuming that it's an officer, but who sticks his little head out instead? Grogu—and R2-D2, who had been piloting the ship. If I'm not mistaken, I believe that we even hear Grogu utter his first word, which sounds like "Ba-doo."

Excited to see her little buddy, she picks him up and gets him ready to see Mando, but not before telling him that "Grogu" is a terrible name. She also spots a bit of a change to his wardrobe: a layer of beskar chain mail under his robe. Motto then decides to feed him some dungworms before seeing Mando.

As Fett and his crew wait for their reinforcements from Vanth, the Mods, Black Krrsantan, and the Gamorrean Guards are patrolling the different sectors of the city, covering the grounds held by the Aqualish, Trandoshans, and Klatooinians, respectively.

At the cantina, Fett is called upon to speak to a special visitor outside: Cad Bane, fit with a team of back-ups ready on top of nearby rooftops. Bane wants to negotiate for the Pykes, and he brings up how he killed Vanth and that it would be wise for Fett to allow the spice to be transported through Mos Espa. When Fett firmly turns him down and asks to speak to the head of the Pykes, Bane mentions how that very same Pyke is responsible for killing the Tusken Raiders.

Upon hearing this, Fett is about to make his move and shoot Bane, but Shand is able to convince him otherwise. With that, Fett tells him that their negotiations are now terminated and Bane heads out of Mos Espa for the moment. Right after Bane leaves, Fett gets a call from Drash, who informs him that things feel "off" around the area of the Aqualish. Almost immediately, the Aqualish begin to shoot at the Mods, who attempt to hold them off.

In the same way, this also happens separately to Black Krrsantan and the Gamorrean Guards, who are suddenly surrounded and attacked by the Trandoshans and Klatooinians. Shand takes off on her speeder bike, which she rides to the Mods, and is able to save them just in time, ordering them to get back to the cantina. The Gamorrean Guards are cornered by the Klatooinians and fall off a cliff while Krrsantan does his best to hold off the Trandoshans, though things aren't looking great for him.

Back outside of the cantina, things are very quiet on the streets of Mos Espa. A group of Pykes start creeping up on the building and Fett and Mando have to decide how to handle things given that they're the only two in the cantina. Well, except for the mayor's annoying majordomo, who offers a suggestion instead of the two's plan to die out on the streets in defense of the cantina, their ideals, and the city.

The majordomo invites Fett to write his demands for surrender on a writing device, which the majordomo will read out to the Pykes. Fett surprisingly agrees, writes his thoughts down, and hands it back over to the majordomo, who heads outside. He gives a long, drawn-out speech because he's a total narcissist, but it works to the team's advantage, as it gives Fett and Mando time to prepare. Once the majordomo is finished, Fett and Mando blast in from behind the cantina and fight from above using their jetpacks.

The two are able to hold off the Pykes for some time, but after a while, it's clear that the two are really taking a beating as the Pykes just keep coming. Crouched on the ground being hit from all sides, things don't look great for Fett and Mando, but just at the right moment, Vanth's troops from Freetown come in on a massive vehicle and provide both support and cover.

Though we thought Black Krrsantan was a goner, he takes center stage and walks through the streets of Mos Espa to the cantina, fighting off Pykes all the way there. Though clearly injured, he was somehow able to survive.

The crew realizes that the Pykes are falling back, cheering as they feel as if they've won the battle. However, they truly didn't know what was coming their way. Two massive Scorpenek annihilator droids come stomping down the street, equipped with hefty shields and massive cannons. Looking like massive droidekas, they immediately start firing at the crew, their weapons no match to break down their shields.

Fett even attempts to use his rocket launcher to take down their shields, but they're no match for the droids. As they inch closer to the team, Fett and Mando tell the others to run in a different direction while they hold off the droids. Mando gives his flamethrower a try, but it's also no use. Instead, he takes out his Darksaber, which should be a cure-all, yet it's also unable to break through their shields. All of their strikeouts give Fett an idea, and he takes off on his jetpack to get reinforcements while Mando stays to protect the others.

With amazing yet terrible timing, Peli Motto flies onto the scene in a rickshaw-type vehicle that's being driven by a droid. Mando jumps onto the vehicle and it takes off a bit too slowly for his liking. Though relieved to take a quick breather from the action, Motto reveals a surprise under the blanket in the vehicle: Grogu. Their reunion is as adorable as you'd expect, and while he's happy to be reunited with his little buddy, he now has to worry about his safety given the situation.

Back on the streets, the team takes shelter behind some walls but the droids and Pykes are closing in on them. Drash and another fighter decide to go on a rooftop and pick them off from above.

Grogu uses the Force to destroy the robot driving the vehicle, which sends everyone flying out of the rickshaw; Motto even ends up losing a tooth in the process. Just as it seems like Mando and Motto are about to be attacked, Fett comes out in all his glory sitting atop the raging rancor, both of them ready for battle. The rancor disables the droid's shields long enough for Mando to jump on top of it and use his Darksaber to destroy it, though he's knocked off afterward. The droid isn't fully destroyed, and just as Mando is about to be killed, Grogu uses the Force to disable the machine enough to buy the rancor time to destroy it.

The rancor then moves onto the final droid, which proves to be a bit of a tougher battle. With Drash and her friend holding off things from above, the rancor takes on the droid while another ground fight ensues with the Pykes. Once the droid is defeated, Bane shows up and uses his flamethrower on the rancor, which slightly injures and scares it away, knocking off Fett in the process.

In a stand-off similar to that of Bane and Vanth's, Bane beats Fett to the punch, shooting him and knocking him down. Though Fett uses his flamethrower in retaliation, Bane avoids the attack and shoots him once again. Unable to reach his gun, it seems like Fett is done for, but at the last moment, he reaches for his gaffi stick, knocks Bane to the ground, and stabs him right in the stomach. While it appears that Bane is dead, there's a light blinking on his shirt that could potentially mean otherwise.

Having been spooked by Bane, the rancor is now on the loose, and without anyone controlling it, it wreaks havoc on Fett's team. The crew starts firing at the rancor, which only makes things worse, as it starts to head for Mando, who's telling everyone to stop firing.

The rancor begins attacking Mando, throwing him everywhere and almost eating him. Lying on the ground and about to be killed, Grogu casually waddles over and uses the Force to put the rancor to sleep. Afterward, Grogu goes over to pet the rancor and nestles up next to it for a very cute nap.

As the war has come to a conclusion for the moment, we cut over to the head Pyke in charge, who's talking to the mayor and the other families about what to do next. While chatting, they hear blaster shots, and one by one, each person in the room is killed. And who's the only person who could pull this off without anyone knowing who did it? Fennec Shand.

Fett and Shand take a nice leisurely stroll through Mos Espa, which is now bustling, having been brought back to order by the two and their team. They meet up with their crew—sans Mando, Grogu, and Peli Motto—and have a nice conversation: things seem to be going well for everyone now. Above in space, Mando takes off in his Naboo starfighter with Grogu in the space that normally holds an astromech droid. He keeps tapping on the glass, and after the tapping continues, Mando finally jumps into hyperspace, "but this is the last time."

While the credits follow this scene, it wouldn't be a true ending without a post-credits teaser. We're brought back to Fett's Palace, where Cobb Vanth is recharging himself in the bacta tank and the Mod Parlor artist is waiting to work his magic.

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