Chop It Up: The Business of Coachella and the Numbers Behind Nipsey

Michael Saintil/ONE37pm

Chop It Up is ONE37pm’s weekly web series where hosts Brandon Bryant and John Henry examine business and culture through an entrepreneurial lens. You can catch new episodes of Chop It Up every Wednesday at 3 p.m. on ONE37pm’s YouTube channel.

In this week’s episode of Chop It Up, Brandon and John Henry break down Tiger Woods’s Masters victory and what his career comeback means. Also, they go deep on the business of Coachella, how much it actually costs to go, the value of the festival in terms of revenue for businesses involved with it and potential missed opportunities.

Finally, they examine the enormous societal impact that rapper and activist Nipsey Hussle had on not just his local community in Los Angeles but also the culture at large.

The economic impact of Coachella is particularly impressive when you look at the number of businesses either directly or indirectly involved with the festival. Ubers, ticket sales, food, merchandise, hotels and flights are just a few of the ways that money was earned during the festival, and when you consider that general admission tickets alone cost $500 (!) you begin to see just how much of a financial impact the festival has.

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