The 30 Best Gifts For Pokémon Fans of All Ages

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Pokémon isn’t just a popular series of video games, a highly watched anime series or a cool card game – it's the highest-grossing media franchise of all time, coming ahead of Barbie, Star Wars and others, despite debuting much later than many other titans. So it’s no surprise that Pokémon fans exist in every pocket of the earth. For the one in your life, it can be difficult to pick out a related gift, whether that’s because they already own everything or you’re not well versed in that area. But we’re here to help and have scoured the internet to find the 30 best gifts for Pokémon fans out there right now. And if you still need options, we've also got great gift guides for LEGO lovers, trading card heads, or wrestling fans.

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1. Pokémon Legends: Arceus

pokemon legends arceus
  • Ages: 7+ 

This game is exactly what so many fans wanted and needed from a new game in the iconic series. It made significant changes to the old school formula and it all paid off. If the Pokémon fan in your life hasn’t played this, it’s a no-brainer for a gift idea.

Shop now at Nintendo, $59.99

2. Electric Charge Pikachu Plush

pikachu plush
  • Ages: 4+ 

Your average plush is a cuddly toy that’s fun to decorate a room with, but this electric charge Pikachu plush is interactive and boasts dozens of unique reactions. You can rub its head or press its stomach to watch its cheeks light up or it thunder attack charge up.

Shop now at Target, $32.99

3. Kids’ Classic Pokémon Clog

pokemon clogs
  • Ages: 5+
  • Sizes: C11 – J6

These limited-edition Classic Clogs feature only the most iconic Pokémon around and are every bit as comfortable as they look. These come with a Jibbitz charm on the backstrap, but if the Pokémon fan in your life could use more...

Shop now at Crocs, $49.99

4. Pokéball Jibbitz Charm

pokeball jibbitz
  • Ages: 3+ 

..then this Pokéball Jibbitz charm couldn’t hurt. This is the perfect way to make your Crocs your own and this Pokéball design is recognizable to everyone, whether they’re a Pokémon fan or not.

Shop now at Crocs, $4.99

5. Snorlax Peek-a-Pokémon Pocket T-Shirt

snorlax tee
Pokémon Center
  • Ages: Adult  
  • Sizes: XS – 3XL

Made from 100% cotton, this Snorlax pocket tee is simple enough that’s it’s not in anyone’s face, but there’s no mistaking that a Pokémon fan would be wearing it. Snorlax is one of the most beloved Pokémon and this shirt with his snack on the pocket embodies its spirit perfectly. 

Shop now at Pokémon Center, $24.99

6. Pokémon Super Collection Series Books 1-15

pokemon super collection
  • Ages: 5-16 

Most Pokémon fans are fans of the anime series, video games or trading cards, but this set of 15 super collection books is great for young fans too, especially those that need to read anyway. 

Shop now at Walmart, $65.99

7. Pokémon 12oz FUNtainer

pokemon water bottle
  • Ages: 5+ 

This 12oz vacuum insulated stainless steel water bottle will keep drinks cold for up to 12 hours and is a great way to get kids staying hydrated throughout the day. The soft-touch grip means that they’ll me comfortable lugging them around all day too. 

Shop now at Thermos, $17.99

8. MEGA Jumbo Pikachu Building Set

pokemon mega building set
  • Ages: 8+ 

This 12-inch Pikachu is fun to build and once its built, it has articulated legs, arms, tails and ears, so that it can be manipulated to any position. There are a few hundred pieces and this looks great as a decorative item once its finished. 

Shop now at Target, $31.99

9. Charmander Funko Pop!

charmander funko pop
Hot Topic
  • Ages: 3+ 

Collecting is a big part of being a Pokémon fan, so a Funko Pop! With a fan favorite starter Pokémon is a great idea. Charmander looks cute as ever as a Funko Pop! and it makes for a great gift for a fan who’ll want to catch ‘em all. And if you're an enthusiast, check out this guide to the most expensive Funko Pop!s ever sold.

Shop now at Hot Topic, $10

10. Pokémon 1000 Piece Jigsaw Puzzle

pokemon puzzle
  • Ages: 12+ 

A big puzzle is always fun and an underrated way to pass the time. This 1000-piece Pokémon puzzle will feel like a mini project and will be incredibly satisfying to finish. Not only are there a bunch of Pokémon on it, but you’ll notice that they’re color co-ordinated, which makes things a little less daunting.

Shop now at Amazon, $26

11. Bulbasaur Fossil Watch

pokemon watch
Pokémon Center
  • Ages: Adult

This watch was made by Fossil for Pokémon Center and comes in a beautiful shade of green that will definitely turn heads. The details here are great, with not just the watch face but the strap also sporting a Bulbasaur design. 

Shop now at Pokémon Center, $149.99

12. Pokémon Coloring Adventures Book

pokemon coloring book
  • Ages: 6+ 

Pokémon come in a wide variety of colors and one way to express that is with this coloring book. This is made for kids, but a lot of adults know that coloring in can be surprisingly therapeutic, so don’t shy away from it.

Shop now at Amazon, $12.79

13. Pokémon Labyrinth Game

pokemon labirnth
  • Ages: 7+ 

Labrynth is a classic board game and this Pokémon iteration of it sees players trying to find a clear path, collect all of their Pokémon and make it back to the starting point before everyone else. This is a perfect game for the whole family to play and there’s no Pokémon-specific knowledge required. 

Shop now at Target, $21.99

14. Pokéball Ramen Bowl

pokeball bowl
  • Ages: Adult 

This ceramic bowl comes with a notch and hole to place the wooden chopsticks in. It’s 16oz and the design is really sleek but simple. 

Shop now at BoxLunch, $18.99

15. Fossil Squirtle Leather Card Case

pokemon fossil card holder
Pokémon Center
  • Ages: Adult 

The blue hue of this leather card holder is actually soothing. You can store four cards here at a time and when you’re done with it, there’s a cool Pokéball tin for you to keep it in. 

Shop now at Pokémon Center, $49.99

16. Eevee Waffle Maker

eevee waffle maker
  • Ages: Adult 

Waffle makers with designs on them are a great way to make the fun of eating sweet treats even more fun. This Eevee waffle maker has a non-stick coating too, making it even easier to wipe clean.

Shop now at Amazon, $44.99

17. Pokémon Women’s Ankle Socks Set

pokemon socks
Forever 21
  • Ages: Adult 
  • Sizes: One size 

This set of five knit ankle socks features graphics from Pikachu, Squirtle, Eevee, Bulbasaur and Charmander. They’re 98% polyester and 2% spandex, for that extra stretchiness.

Shop now at Forever 21, $4.99

18. Pokémon Epic Sticker Collection

pokemon stickers
  • Ages: 6+ 

For something simpler that allows your giftee to customize whatever they want, this Pokémon sticker collection boasts a whopping 1,000+ stickers, covering a bunch of different generation and giving information on type, weight, height and more, essentially doubling as a basic guide too.

Shop now at Amazon, $13.58

19. Pokémon Long John Pyjama Set

pokemon pyjamas
hanna Andersson
  • Ages: 2-14 
  • Sizes: 2-5 

This set of Pokémon pyjamas is as soft to the touch as it is breathable, so that kids don’t feel overly hot in them. They’re hypoallergenic and eczema-friendly too, with ready-to-grow cuffs so that they have a longer life span than most growing kids’ clothes. 

Shop now at Hanna Andersson, $40

20. Pokémon Origami Book

pokemon origami
Pokémon Center
  • Ages: 8+

Coming with special sheets of origami paper, this is a great way to get fans of Pokémon to be creative within that world. It might seem difficult from the outside, but the step-by-step instructions are incredibly helpful and the results are surprising.

Shop now at Pokémon Center, $12.99

21. Pokémon Booster Packs

pokemon cards
  • Ages: 6+

This is probably the most obvious gift that you can get a Pokémon fan, but it’s one that never loses its value, no matter how many times you tear open the packaging. These packs are a combination of trainer cards, energy cards and Pokémon, with a rare holofoil promo card guaranteed. 

Shop now at Amazon, $12.25

22. Hallmark Birthday Card

pokemon birthday card
  • Ages: Any

Kids always get a kick out of cards that are themed with their favorite things, so a wild Pikachu appearing to wish them a happy birthday is a simple but effective way to cater to a young Pokémon fan. 

Shop now at Walmart, $5.59

23. 3D Optical Illlusion Pikachu Light

pokemon light
  • Ages: Any

This lamp of Pikachu is a great addition to any Pokémon fan’s room, with 7 different colors to choose from and an automatic color change mode for those that can’t decide. 

Shop now at Amazon, $9.99

24. Anniversary Pokémon Card

pokemon anniversary card
  • Ages: 16+

This anniversary Pokémon card is the perfect thoughtful gift to warm your partner’s heart if they’re a Pokémon fan, and something they can keep with them at all times. You get to pick from a bunch of human designs, the border color and what you want written on the card too. It would be the most memorable addition to even an avid collector’s deck. 

Shop now at Etsy, $21.15

25. PowerA Pikachu Wireless Switch Controller

pokemon controller
  • Ages: 3+ 

This PowerA controller makes it so that gamers can play on their Nintendo Switch wirelessly, with a more traditional console-like controller. As well as the nice design, there are mappable buttons on this so that you can get an edge on the competition. 

Shop now at Amazon, $43.01

26. Pokémon POPSOCKETS Phone Grip

pokemon pop socket
  • Ages: 11+ 

If a Pokémon phone case is a little much, then perhaps this Pokémon phone grip is just the balance your giftee needs. These allow for you to use your phone while one-handed much easier and avoid dropping your smartphone at all. They attach to a good number of phone cases with their adhesive and it’s hard to go back once you’ve used one. 

Shop now at Amazon, $16.99

27. Ultra Ball Authentic Replica

ultra ball replica
  • Ages: Adult

Avid Pokémon fans know that an Ultra Ball is more effective when catching Pokemon than a regular Poke Ball and this replica by The Wand Company is captures that majesty. This electronic ball has proximity sensors and will change color to make it look like you’re really catching Pokémon. This is a uniquely numbered collectible that any Pokémon fan would appreciate. 

Shop now at Amazon, $99.99

28. Pokémon Trainers Canvas

pokemon canvas
Pokémon Center
  • Ages: 0+ 

At 18” x 24”, this canvas portrays Pokémon Trainer Red and Charizard and would add flare and personality to any room with its vibrant colors. 

Shop now at Pokémon Center, $39.99

29. Pokémon: Indigo League – The Complete Collection

pokemon indigo league
  • Ages: 7+ 

This is the first season of the classic Pokémon series that aired from 1997 to 1999. Physical media is on its way back as a trend, so the Pokemon fan in your life would certainly appreciate having the entire first season to watch at their disposal.

Shop now at Walmart, $63.49

30. Pokémon x RockLove Mew Spinner Ring

pokemon ring
RockLove Jewelry
  • Ages: Adult 
  • Sizes: 5-11 

This sterling silver ring features Mew with a spinning interior band and looks so sharp that there being a Pokémon on it will cause a double-take with most. Each ring comes with a luxury travel pouch. 

Shop now at RockLove Jewelry, $115
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