This Week in Comic Collecting: James Tynion, Brzrkr, NFT News and More

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Welcome to another week in comic book trading. The market is absolutely booming right now, and seemingly no matter what type of play interests you, there seems to be one to be made for every type of investor within the comic book market. This week I am going to talk about investing in writers, namely James Tynion. We are also going to talk about some big Keanu Reeves Netflix news, a comics/NFT update, and preview two of the hottest up and coming Marvel characters hitting Disney+.

James Tynion


Matt Kindt NFT

Falcon & Echo

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Sam Wilson: Captain America #5

Two of the most talked about names among Marvel investors this week are Joaquin Torres and Maya Lopez. Torres made his MCU debut in the first episode of Falcon and Winter Soldier just last week. This is exciting for comics readers as they know Torres eventually takes the mantle of Falcon when Sam Wilson becomes Captain America in the comics. I really think we may just see that play out on screen within this series. There are not a lot of slabbed copies of Torres books on the market at the moment but Sam Wilson: Captain America #3 (Torres' Cameo 1st Appearance) and issue #5 (His first full appearance and debut as Falcon) are trading for $30-75 raw. I see a lot of potential in that character in the long term of the MCU. 

Lopez received a lot of buzz this week as it was reported that not only is Maya Lopez (aka Echo) the villain for the upcoming Jeremy Renner and Hailee Steinfeld led Hawkeye Disney + series, but that her own show is in development for the streaming service as well. This only adds to her investability by giving her at least two vehicles to launch prices of Daredevil #9 (vol.2 1999). This very well could make current market prices of  $800 for a 9.8 and $250-300 for a 9.6 seem paltry in just a few years. Also be on the lookout for the next issue (#10). This issue features her first Cover with beautiful art by David Mack and tells the origin story of Echo. This is a sleeper at $200 in a 9.8. 

Join me next week when we talk about Comic investing sleeping giant DC Comics. There are so many major household name type of characters within the DC Universe sorely undervalued compared to their Marvel counterparts. Will the Snyder Cut success change that? Next week we'll take a DC Comics deep dive. 

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