Go ‘Down the Hatch’ with Barry Flavors and 6 Types of Yogurt

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It’s Flavors Friday and Barry’s still home, so you know what that means. That’s right folks, it’s another Work From Home edition of Down the Hatch, with Barry taking on some more snacks accessible from home. This week, yogurt is on the tasting table, with the king of flavor trying six different varieties, ranging from deluxe options like Noosa to candy-yogurt duos like YoCrunch.

The first item on the tasting table is Siggi’s Key Lime flavor, which is a variety of Icelandic yogurt. Barry isn’t crazy about Key Lime, but he’s a good sport for the show and sends the tart treat down the hatch. He follows the sour Icelandic yogurt with something a little more straightforward: Noosa’s Vanilla Bean yogurt. On Noosa, Barry says, “This is the fucking Cadillac of yogurts.”

The Cadillac of yogurts is quickly followed by Brown Cow’s coffee-flavored yogurt. This is the least thick of the bunch, fortifying the fact that yogurts come in all shapes and sizes. Barry gets a little off track here, noting: “I don’t really think there’s anything that funny about yogurt actually. Why are we even doing this episode?” He pauses and then adds, “Because there’s nothing else to do,” before laughing.

Next on the table is a classic, Fage’s honey greek yogurt. The honey comes in its own little attached cup, allowing the yogurt-user to choose their own flavor adventure. Barry loves Fage’s choice of honey, invoking David Mamet’s Pulitzer Prize-winning play (and movie) Glengarry Glen Ross: “That’s the Glengarry of honeys.”

He follows the Greek yogurt with a french yogurt, Yoplait’s Oui blueberry-flavored edition. This option comes in a convenient glass jar, ready to reuse for whatever your heart desires. He fires the Oui down the hatch before moving onto the final yogurt, YoCrunch Strawberry Yogurt with M&Ms. This is the most dessert-centric yogurt on the tasting table, and Barry is sure to note some of the product’s more cryptic ingredients.

If you loved this episode and want to watch Barry try some more treats from home, check out last week’s episode, when he took on a slew of breakfast cereals. 

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