Face-off: Minecraft YouTuber Dream Reveals Face for First Time

(Twitter: @Dream)

Remaining anonymous on the internet today is nothing new. More and more we’ve seen content creators begin their careers either with no face cam or sometimes wearing a mask. Streamers like Disguised Toast and Corpse Husband have been able to build some of the biggest channels on streaming platforms, without showing their face. 

Unequivocally, the Minecraft YouTuber ‘Dream’ has seen the most success as a content creator while also staying anonymous. He has built a YouTube channel of over 30 million subscribers and has eclipsed the 6 million follower mark on Twitch. It’s safe to say that his fanbase was eager to see his face reveal, with the video nearing 20 million views just a mere 14 hours after being uploaded. Here is why Dream's face reveal means so much to his community.

Who Is Dream?

Face Reveal

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